Über Moms Membership FAQs

Q – What are the benefits of membership?

Attendance at free events and discounts on special events, including a discount on the popular 90 Day Challenge. Please see here for a full list of our member benefits.

You will be part of a community of like-minded women who share in their commitment to live a healthy and fit life. As a Verein, we are a community organization and will support mothers in leading a healthy active life.

Q – What will happen to Über Moms Runners?

Über Moms Runners will join the Verein. Because we will apply for state-mandated grants to support our club, there will be new stipulations. We will have a reward system in place for runners to earn a spot on the Über Moms Runners Team. You can accumulate points for practice and race attendance. We voted on the specific races at the last official practice of 2018. If a runner reaches the total reward points, she will be on the team. Team members are required to participate in fundraising. Funds acquired from grants and fundraising will be put towards gear, race fees, sports nutrition, and education. Über Moms Runners must be Über Moms Members to enjoy the benefits of the team. Team practice is open for anyone to join for a trial run.

Q – Do I have to become a member to be in the Über Moms Facebook groups?

If you were a member in one of the Über Moms Facebook groups before 7 February 2019, then you are still a member – we aren’t kicking anyone out! However, from 8 February 2019 onwards, new members in the Über Moms Facebook groups must first purchase an Über Moms membership.

Q – How do I purchase my membership?

Über Moms uses TeamUp to manage our membership program. You may purchase your membership here.

Q – What is the commitment length for a membership?

Memberships are a one-year (12 months) commitment. Membership will automatically renew for an additional year at the end of the term.

Q – How is membership billed?

You may choose to be billed every four weeks over 12 months (13 billing cycles) or once annually. Über Moms uses a third-party billing agent to collect fees, and you enter your payment details when you set up your membership profile.

Q – How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership 90 days before the end of your one-year commitment by sending written notice to Über Moms at info@ubermoms.de.

Q – What kind of events are there?

Über Moms is offering a wide variety of events – monthly fitness classes in various fitness disciplines, wellness and nutrition workshops, family fun and fitness events and other special events. You can see our full calendar here.

Q – How do I register for events?

Members can register for events at least 90 days before the event starts. You register via TeamUp here.

Q – Can I register for events if I don’t have a membership?

Yes, if there is space available in the event. Members will have priority registration until 2 weeks before the event. After that, registration opens to both members and non-members.

Q – What if I need to cancel an event?

You can cancel your registration via TeamUp up to seven days before the event. After that, you will not be refunded or have your free session reinstated.

Q – What if I don’t use all of my free sessions before the end of my one-year membership?

It is each member’s responsibility to make sure you have registered for events and used your free sessions. Free sessions expire at the end of the one-year term and cannot be carried over into the next year’s membership. If you are having trouble registering for events or if you are facing unusual circumstances preventing you from attending events, please contact info@ubermoms.de.

Q – I’m not interested in or can’t attend some of the events included in the membership. Is it worth it to buy a membership?

Yes! We have planned a whole variety of different events that we hope will appeal to our members. Although you may not be interested in some events, there are many more events you can choose from to get value from your membership, including discounts from our partners and a discount on the popular 90 Day Challenge.

Q – Is there childcare provided during Über Moms events?

No. In special circumstances, Über Moms may assist in arranging a group babysitter for an event, but the participating moms will contribute to the cost of the babysitting.

Q – Can I attend a free trial event?

No. Each event is unique — different fitness instructors and disciplines for the monthly workouts, different topics for wellness events, seasonal family events — so no one event is representative of all that Über Moms has to offer. You are welcome to review the events in our calendar or send questions to info@ubermoms.de. You can also register for events as a non-member for a fee (space available) to see what you what you think before committing to a full membership.

Q – I’m not an advanced athlete or a runner – will I fit in at Über Moms?

Yes! Some Über Moms are beginner athletes, just getting started in their fitness plans, and other Über Moms are advanced athletes who have completed an Ironman. There is room for all of us in Über Moms. We encourage all moms to try different types of fitness and find what works best for you — maybe that’s running, maybe that’s yoga, maybe that’s kickboxing — what’s important is making fitness a part of your life and finding what makes you happy and something you can stick with.

Q – I don’t feel very “über” – is Über Moms really for me?

Yes! Über Moms is for all women hoping to achieve a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. Über Moms are all at different stages in their own efforts to add fitness and healthy choices to their lives. Your fellow Über Moms will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals – no matter what stage you’re at.

Q – Can non-moms join Über Moms?

All women interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle are welcome in Über Moms. You may find that some topics focus on motherhood, parenting, and postpartum concerns, but many topics and events will be relevant and interesting to all women.

Q – Can I advertise my business on the Über Moms Facebook pages?

We’d love for you to advertise with us!  Please see here for our advertising packages.

Q – What is a Verein?

A Verein is an official club in Germany.  It is a non-profit and is eligible to apply for grants for club activities. The Verein has seven board (Vorstand) members who are responsible for planning Verein activities and events. As a Verein, we are a community organization and will support mothers in leading a healthy active life.

Q – How do I volunteer to help?

If you’d like to help plan an event or help with the Über Moms membership program, please contact info@ubermoms.de.

Q – What is the Adopt an Über Mom program?

Über Moms wants all moms to achieve their goals for a healthy lifestyle, and we believe we’re better together — supporting each other in the Über Moms community.  Some lower-income women may not be able to afford Über Moms membership and may apply for a subsidized or free membership. An adopted Über Mom will have full membership benefits, and only Über Moms Board members will know who is an adopted Über Mom.  

If you would like assistance with your membership fee or if you would like to make a donation to the Adopt an Über Mom program, please contact info@ubermoms.de.