Self Care For Busy Moms

by Julie Leonard Are those days gone when you regularly went to the hairdressers, got your nails done, enjoyed a spa day, or even remembered your regular check ups at the dentist? Before I had a child, I had so much freedom and free time to enjoy regular me-time, and didn’t think twice about planning in some self care. But after my son was born, for a long time it came very far down the list, until I started taking my own advice and began to think about my self care. When I talk to women about self care, the … Continue reading Self Care For Busy Moms

How Practicing Gratitude Can Increase Your Happiness

By Julie Leonard First or several years now I have had a small wooden tray with a jar and a pen and a little pile of coloured paper sitting on my desk. And at the end of each day I write down something I am thankful for. Some days it is something big, like today and my new comfortable bed arriving. Other days it is simply I watched a squirrel on my balcony or the sun was shining. This simple act of expressing gratitude can radically affect my mood and my mindset. Our human brains have a tendency to focus … Continue reading How Practicing Gratitude Can Increase Your Happiness