A note from the editor

By Jordan Sapir

As ironic as it may seem, expats are synonymous with retreating home for the holidays. Some fail to realise that although many expats are partnered with other expats, we’re not all in a mutually expatriate family. For those of us, myself included who are in relationships with Germans and other nationalities, inevitably means — staying in our home away from home for the holidays. Continue reading “A note from the editor”

5 ways to get the old you back

By Jordan Sapir

#1. Stop trying to go back to the, “old you”
She’s long gone sister. Gone are the days of dancing on table tops and boozy brunches. Girls trips and happy hour will never be the same. They will be better. Start cherishing your alone time. Take advantage of time with your girlfriends and partner. They will be few and far in between, but they will be priceless. Continue reading “5 ways to get the old you back”