Finding Our Way Forward in Motherhood

by Amie Mignatti Becoming a mother is such a big life change, and often it takes time to step into our new role fully. The beginnings of pregnancies are filled with beautiful dreams of our children, and how we will be the best mom ever to this little bundle of joy. Soon after, in the first few months, come the fears and uncertainty, with thoughts of whether we are truly capable of being the best mom ever. And then the baby comes. It’s a time filled with love and wonder: we have created this perfect being and we want to … Continue reading Finding Our Way Forward in Motherhood

Finding Gratitude in the Hardest of Places

By Amie Mignatti As our life progresses, we find ourselves in situations which are uncomfortable, painful and hard to understand and deal with. We find ourselves lost, uncertain of which way to go and what the right thing is to do. We tend to cling to the safe way- where things work well, feel good and we know where we stand. However, we are not in control, there is a greater force that throws curve balls in our plans and threatens our security. We have all lived through these situations. We have met fear, sadness, pain, suffering, anger and a … Continue reading Finding Gratitude in the Hardest of Places