Virtual Events for May 11-15

    Monday, 11.05.2020 at 11:00 livestream Family Yoga with Hope Miller Join Über Moms for Family Yoga! Get the whole family involved. Perfect for ages 6 and under. This is a donation based class. Website:     Tuesday, 12.05.2020 at 20:30 livestream Mommy Check in with Jennelle Liljestrand Join HP-psych, Jennelle, in a weekly check in for questions and answers on parenting during this challenging situation. Website:   Wednesday, 13.05.2020 at 20:30 livestream Dynamic Breathing with Catherine Pierce Join Über Moms for a 30 minute rejuvenating, relaxing, and informative breathing and movement class. In this class, you … Continue reading Virtual Events for May 11-15