Let the Sun Shine!

A Monthly Wellness Column

By Amie Mignatti

Being fit is more than having toned abs and defined arms, although that is a part of physical fitness, and it relates to how the world views us. But what about our inner fitness and its relationship to our worldview? What’s inside of us creates our outer environment: how we eat, who we spend time with, where we live, how we take care of our bodies and our families. This aspect of fitness, which is so important, often gets glossed over in the quest to be “fit”.

Inner fitness, to me, translates to feeling good about myself, not just about my body, although the two are intricately connected. Feeling good means making clear decisions that support my values, having the discipline to fulfill my responsibilities (even when I am not feeling it), setting boundaries with my partner, family and friends so that I don’t feel overwhelmed and maxed out, and taking time to nourish myself by allowing myself to do the things that I love. When I can adhere to my inner principles and can be really clear with myself, then I feel balanced, safe and taken care of on a deeper level.

This connection to ourselves, to our deeper needs, is the most important factor of being fit. It’s the ability and confidence to say “no” even when it will let down a friend or your family, it’s the strength to walk away from gossip, the clarity to define your own path and the trust to follow it, and many more factors that are as individual and personal as we are.

When we feel good about ourselves, even in the midst of what feels like a crisis, we can weather the storms that occur throughout life. There will always be storms – sometimes they are tornados, other times passing showers – but they continually come and go. What remains consistent throughout all of this is us and how we handle these situations. When we are strong, confident, and honest, then we are able to find our way through these storms with a clear heart. When we allow ourselves to be knocked down, then it becomes harder to get back up.

Everyone’s inner dialogue is different. For some, there is focus on need, on judgement, on inabilities and shortcomings. Believing this voice will keep us down and we are then unable to rise up and step into our own power. There is also the voice that is kind, that is soft, that is helpful, that is positive. Sometimes this voice is drowned out by the self-flagellation, but it’s there. If we can tap into this voice, the one that believes in our own beauty, righteousness, creativity, power and strength – then we can move mountains.

We all have an innate ability to shine. We are unique and have an incredible amount to offer. Are you able to see your own magic and grace? It’s not only the reflection staring back at you in the mirror, it’s much bigger than that. Look at your life, at all that you have created and all of the dreams that you own, and you’ll see the magic that lies there. You are the captain of your own life and you get to choose how you live it and what you do with it. Make it outstanding!




Amie Mignatti is committed to bringing children and adults into the outdoors, so that they can learn new skills, feel at home in nature, and be in a space where they can connect more deeply with themselves. She is confident that more time spent outdoors can lead to a healthier and calmer life, a more positive attitude and a never ending sense of wonder. She is happiest when she and her family are in the forest around the campfire with good friends. She leads courses and retreats for all ages. http://www.amiemignatti.com

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