What is an Über Moms 90 Day Challenge?

Über Moms 90 Day Challenge: FIT is Fabulous– starts February 7th. You’re asking yourself, “what is Über Moms 90 Day Challenge?”

An Über Moms 90 day challenge is a program we offer to encourage mothers to lead a healthy and active lifestyle for themselves and their families. 

The program is based on clean eating, a consistent exercise routine, daily holistic challenges and group workouts. 

We’ll be going on a journey together for 90 days; to discover how to heal from our history with unhealthy habits. We’ll learn to embrace our bodies, focus on function versus form, mindful eating habits, how to implement a sustainable exercise routine and find strength through the encouragement and positivity of the Über Moms network.

What’s included in the price:

    • Ninety daily challenges to keep you focused on your health and fitness
    • Three Challenge Group Workouts 
    • All Über Moms Runners group runs during the Challenge
    • Special Event Black Light Workout with Jumpfit Agnes (extra charge applies)
    • Encouraging, supportive, private Facebook group to keep you going throughout the Challenge
    • Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Resources

Our challenges are for women of all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds and abilities.

Have questions about our upcoming programs or services, contact us at info@ubermoms.de

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Boost your energy, get FIT, build strength and friendships.

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