Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

A Workshop Hosted by Dr. Celina Criss

This month we have been discussing Prioritizing Me on the Über Moms Members Group Facebook Page. The discussion has not, unfortunately, involved discussing our sexuality and postpartum changes in our self-confidence. This has remained a taboo subject in the discussion of prioritizing oneself and we wanted to change this, so we sought help from certified Sex Coach Dr. Celina Criss. Sexuality shouldn’t be a dirty word, just because we’re moms now.

As Über Moms, fitness and healthy eating aren’t the only aspects of wellness. There are other issues that are difficult, yet important, and they should be included in the discussion of a mother’s overall health. We find it incredibly pertinent to provide resources for mothers in all areas of health and wellness, even those that it might seem taboo to talk about in public. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dr. Criss to discuss the topics of self-confidence after birth, sex with a long-term partner, and appreciating your body as it is today.

There will be two sessions.

Session I: Loving Your “New” Body – Confidence and Appreciation after Pregnancy.

Dr. Criss describes the session as follows:

It’s not news that motherhood brings radical change in your daily life: sleep, routines, priorities, even topics of conversation are all rearranged (none of us ever expected to discuss poo over coffee with new friends, did we?). The physical impacts of pregnancy are anticipated, but typically addressed in terms of fitness: Lose the baby belly! Get back into your pre-pregnancy jeans!

But what about your relationship to your body as a sensual and sexual being?

In this seminar, we will remember and discover this aspect of being the sensual, sexual woman you are! We will explore:

* Reigniting desire and how arousal works

* Appreciating your body as it is today

* The source of sexiness

No matter how old your babies are now, all mommas are welcome to this conversation.

Session II: Exploring Sex Together in Long-term Relationships

How do couples keep sex fresh and exciting years into relationships? What are the secrets of tending the flames of desire? How do you tell your partner you want to try something new?

This workshop offers identifies a few of the pitfalls of routine sex and how to avoid them, practical communication techniques, and suggestions for exploration. It’s also an invitation to celebrate yourself, your relationship, and generate possibilities for more of the sex you you want!

We’ll also feature our first pop-up event of the year, an invigorating belly dancing workout with Angela Schneider of Belly Dancers in Munich!

Save your seat and register now!


Session 1, 9:15-10:15: Loving Your “New” Body – Confidence and Appreciation after Pregnancy

10:30-11:30: Belly Dancing! Body-Confidence Workout with Angela Schneider from Belly Dancers in Munich e.V.

Session 2, 11:45-12:45: Exploring Sex Together in Long-Term Relationships

You will receive an €8 credit if you register for both workshops and an additional €2 credit if you register for the Belly Dancing workout as well as the workshops. Über Moms members may register for each session using a Wellness Workshop included in their member benefits plus an €8 pop-up fee per session. Non-members may register for €30 per session. Über Moms members may register for the Belly Dancing session using a workout included in their member benefits plus a €5 pop-up fee or register without using a workout for €15. Non-members may register for €20.

We hope to see you there! Please email info @ubermoms.de with any questions.



Celina Criss is a Certified Sex Coach credentialed by Sex Coach U (SCU) and the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC). She holds a PhD in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality as well as degrees in Art History and Classical Civilizations from the University of Michigan. She is fascinated by the history of sex and sexology and is delighted every time she learns about a new sex practice.

A former elementary school teacher and inclusive learning specialist, Celina brings a sense of playfulness and curiosity to her work as a sex educator. She believes that sexual expression and wellbeing are our birthright and encourages clients to explore their fantasies and desires at their own pace.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Celina lives in Munich, Germany, together with her partner and their children. She favors the Oxford comma and coffee, is powered by cookies, and is known for her giggle, which is regularly described as cute and sparkly by those who enjoy it. Determined to have it all, she pursues a balance of family, career, and sexual freedom everyday.

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