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Name: Georgia Chapman

Age: 44

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Nick Name: Hubby calls me Worgia, my parents call me Georgie or Georgielein, otherwise G is good.

Disciplines: At the moment I feel like I have none … but pre-kids I was an avid runner, weightlifter and yogi, training every day. I even went through a phase one year of swimming every morning before work.

Favorite Discipline: Yoga, always yoga, closely followed by running, knees allowing.

Favorite Quote: You must be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

How did you hear about Über Moms? Funny story … I joined this local Facebook group when my daughter was born in 2015 called ‘Munich Yoga Mommies’ and one of the members was Jordan, and we made friends on Facebook. After adding me to a new group called ‘Über Moms’ that’s how it all started. I remember having meetings with Jordan about what exactly the group should be, her telling me what her vision was, what content we could put in the newsletter, and then starting with the website. It was exciting to be at the beginning of it all.

What’s your favorite thing about being an Über Mom? Having met so many wonderful like-minded ladies that I genuinely like and will be friends with for a long time.

What is something that people don’t know about you, but you’d like them to know? I ran a 10k race in London in 2010 and about 6km in my right ankle started aching. I ran through the pain thinking it was just a muscle ache, eventually limping over the finish line with two men holding me up before collapsing. Turns out it was a fracture in my tibia and I spent the next 6 weeks in a cast. Still, I finished the race and got my medal!

What do you do when you want to jumpstart a health kick? I tell my husband to stop buying biscuits and stock up on fresh and frozen fruit and veggies to make smoothies and juices.

What is your food cuddle? Mashed potato

If there were a reality TV show about your life, what would it be called? What did I come in here for again?

When shit hits the fan, what do you do? Panic internally, breathe deeply and then deal with the problem face on.

What’s your exercise vice? Pushing my body too far.

What is an ideal Saturday with the family? Not having to leave the house at the crack of dawn, but spending time together in bed in the morning with a cup of tea and going out somewhere fun together later on. We have such high stress in the week just getting everyone out of the house, it’s so nice when we just have time as a family together. Oh, and zero chores.

As a mom, do you ever lose your shit, I mean literally, how do you stay organized? I’m naturally messy, was an untidy kid and used to pay my sister to tidy my half of the room. My homework was done on the bus on the way to school or during breaks before class. Nowadays, I have to be organised at work and have tried to apply that to my home life. I have a bullet journal, which is my brain and helps mental clutter and is the keeper of all lists. I have set up joint calendars that sync on all devices, and I also write every monthly schedule out on a whiteboard in the kitchen. But I’m always late to everything, and anyone who knows me will know that already.

Besides being a mom, what is your superpower? I have an almost photographic memory for clocking where everything is, e.g. hubby can’t find his keys, I usually know exactly where they are, even if it’s in an obscure place. This is, unfortunately, getting increasingly difficult with two kids making a complete mess at home on a daily basis and stuffing important items into bags, boxes and cupboards.

How do you hope to see the role of motherhood change in the future? That it’s appreciated a lot more than it is now, for what it is. That mothers can hold their heads high and proudly tell people that they are mothers, without feeling judged for their decision to stay at home, work full time, have a nanny, not have a nanny, you name it …

How many languages do you speak? English and German fluently, basic French.

If not here, where would you be? England, France or India.

What would be the chapters of your book of life? Forget what you think your parenting style is going to be until you have kids, Well this isn’t the life I had imagined at 10 and How is it possible to be this tired for almost 5 years and not be dead?

What chapters are missing in the nonexistent manual to being a mom? How to deal with mum-shaming and what to do when you realise your expectations of becoming a mum are completely different from what you expected, both good and bad. Also, your happiness pre-kids is nothing on the happiness these little people will give you. It’s literally life-changing.

What will your mom legacy be? I did it, and I’m not dead, but actually quite alive, happy and wouldn’t change a thing.

Name 5 things you can always find in your pantry? British tea bags, coffee beans, olive oil, wraps, pasta.

Take out or cook in? Cook in.

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