Member Spotlight: Davonne Schäfer

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Name: Davonne Schäfer

Age: 37

Country of Origin: USA

Nick Name: Just plain old, “D”. Much easier to say and remember.

Favorite Discipline: Working out

Favorite Quote: Oh, so many! I have a list of great quotes and mantras that I love and refer to often. But two that are on the top of my mind are: “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” – Martin Luther King and “Trouble don’t always last.” – Oprah

What’s your favorite thing about being an Über Mom? The amazing network of moms who are so open in sharing their highs and lows of motherhood. And the recipes! I have an Excel spreadsheet of recipes and still sometimes get stumped on what to cook.

What is something that people don’t know about you, but you’d like them to know? I lived in South Korea until I was just about 3. I was almost kidnapped from my mother while in a baby carrier! Ask me about it! And no worries, clearly, she got me back! 😉

What do you do when you want to jumpstart a health kick? Fill in my Weekly Meal Planner with healthy meals and go regularly to the gym.

What is your food cuddle? Something savoury. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth.

If there were a reality TV show about your life, what would it be called? The Real Housewives of Get-Shit-Done.

When shit hits the fan, what do you do? Depends on what it is. I have a fairly high tolerance for stressful situations. I’ll either discuss it with my husband or make a list of all the pros and cons and look at what was to learn from the incident.

What’s your exercise vice? Running long distance.

What is an ideal Saturday with the family? Either my husband goes to the bakery and we do something active around Munich or we drive out of the city for an all-day event.

As a mom, do you ever lose your shit, I mean literally, how do you stay organized? Make a list, again. I live for lists. I need to see visually what I have scheduled for the week and I can organise myself best.

Besides being a mom, what is your superpower? I have a fairly deft hand in the kitchen.

How do you hope to see the role of motherhood change in the future? For mothers to stop comparing themselves to each other, based on the number of kids they have; if they work full-time versus stay at home; community involvement; if they baked homemade cookies or bought them from the store, etc. You never truly know what’s happening behind closed doors.

If not here, where would you be? On a vineyard in Spain or Italy.

What would be the chapters of your book of life? Chronicles of a Black Unicorn (I coined this term waaayyy before Tiffany Haddish).

What chapters are missing in the non-existent manual to be a mom? How to Silence the Haters.

What will your mom legacy be? It’s very cliché but treat people as you want to be treated. Everyone is truly a good person if you just give them the chance. And inclusion. Exposing yourself and your child to different people and environments can benefits a child’s friendship skills, relationships, problem solving skills and behavioural skills – just to name a few. Our children will grow up under a microscope and it’s our job to prepare them.

Name 5 things you can always find in your pantry.  Oatmeal, pasta, apples (I know they’rennot stored in the pantry, but we always have them), pretzels and McCormick vanilla extract.

Take out or cook in? Cook in.


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