Founder Spotlight

How did you come up with the idea for Über Moms?

I founded Über Moms because I felt lost in motherhood. I wanted to get back into shape, become an athlete again, and to be more than “just” my children’s mother. And I wanted to inspire other moms to do the same, so I formed Über Moms to be a place where moms could come together, support each other, and focus on health and fitness. Über Moms quickly became my passion project.

All moms need constant support. “Transplant” mothers who have moved away from home and their families are not only missing needed support from their new local community, they are also lacking a near-by family network that can pitch in and help with the surprises of parenthood.

I was lonely in motherhood.  Moms feel like it’s not okay to publicly admit your birth was a difficult one—or even a C-section. Moms are expected to feel fortunate and grateful for being able to give birth, to love that child instantaneously and beyond anything they ever imagined, and to have the energy to provide a loving and nurturing environment for the entire family without needing time for her body to heal and adjust emotionally. 

I was shocked and horrified with the changes in my body, loneliness, and loss of identity. If I dared to discuss my insecurities or reveal my anguish, I was shunned and led to believe my feelings were too negative and exaggerated. I was between careers, and it was becoming apparent that my career before kids wasn’t baby proof. I remember being on a film set with my daughter in a carrier and her screaming her head off. It was the first time I came to terms with the fact that my life was forever changed. But I was not changed forever, and I could still see myself – and be – a healthy, active woman.

That’s when I started mobilizing like-minded mothers to join together as Über Moms – a community where we support each other, talk about motherhood, run together in our running club and help each other make healthy choices every day. Über Moms understands that a community centered around encouraging each other and helping moms stay active, nourish their bodies, and care for their mind and soul helps moms be their best selves.  That’s my passion. That’s Über Moms. And that’s what drives me and others to give our hearts and souls to the organization. 

My goal is that we will be there when mothers are looking for a positive, encouraging, and dynamic organization to invest their time in. Invest is a keyword. Time is valuable in motherhood and investment is what Über Moms make in their community, their families, and themselves.


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