Letter from the Editor

A Note from the Editor

By Jordan Sapir

There was an ad that used to air in the States: “Your holiday awaits!” They featured a sandy beach and a token couple galloping along, leaving footprints in the sand. When I lived in America, I always imagined holidays as a voyage to some exotic destination. That changed upon becoming an expat in Europe, with the abundance of historical landmarks, natural wonders and bountiful cultural experiences. After becoming a mother, I quickly realized that travel would forever change. This new chapter of travel involved early nights in hotel rooms, frequent trips to the suite for naps, diaper changes and room service. After becoming a mom of two (read: ultimate game-changer), the opportunity to travel spontaneously and frivolously became a thing of the past. Sure, we can travel with baby in tow, but the workload will surely follow. It starts with packing lists and itineraries, and leads to watching the sunset from the kitchen window of an AirBnB, with lukewarm coffee, spiked with rum, and a desire to get some shut eye before lights out. Upon return, moms need a post-vacay-vacay. My solution? A Mom-Staycation.

The perks of staying local are endless. Start with the comfort of your home support team. Involving your partner, family or babysitter means that you have the luxury of traveling without packing, or preparing meals in a foreign kitchen, or schlepping the contents of your children’s room halfway across the world. The ultimate bonus is that you get to see your city from the perspective of a tourist.

As expats, our summer holiday funds are often depleted by expensive high-season journeys back home, leaving little time or funds to allocate to self-care travel. What’s my Über Mom solution? Take a few days in your own city to decompress before the chaos of back-to-school ensues. Have brunch at a new restaurant, followed by a city tour. Wind down with a stop at the spa or sauna. Discover a new neighborhood – grab tickets to a concert, and book an AirBnB to sleep in, followed by breakfast in bed. Go for a long yoga class, sports seminar, aperitivo and a gallery or theater visit. Take a bike tour, ride the train, or go on a hike. Grab your NFT book and explore the tiny crevices of your city yet to be discovered.

This month, Über Moms are discussing staycations, your vacation while right at home.

Follow us and discover the wonderful sites right in your own backyard – which happens to be the Alps and Bella Italia, but who’s counting!


Jordan Sapir, mother of two glitter-laden girls, 2 and 5, studied Journalism and International Political Science in NYC, a place she once called home. She can slaughter five languages fluently. She has worked in a newsroom or two, walked a catwalk or three, and is all for an impromptu adventure. Having traded in her Prada for pretzels, the founder of Über Moms lives in Munich, where she is a stay at home mom and studying to become a certified nutritionist. She is a mommy on a mission and wants to help fellow mothers raise healthy happy families, and beat a PR here and there.

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