Let the Sun Shine!

A Monthly Wellness Column

By Amie Mignatti

Since Munich and Bavaria are travel destinations for many people, why do we feel the need to leave for vacation? We have so much of what makes a memorable vacation on our doorsteps. There are mountains, clean rivers, meadows, natural swimming pools, hot springs, excellent restaurants, bars, theaters, live music and many more things offered in and around our fair city.

With the BOB Bahn. we can head to the mountains quite easily and spend time swimming in pristine mountain lakes like the Schliersee, hiking up to mountain alms in Bayrischzell, enjoying the Biergartens along the promenade by the Tegernsee and simply spending time in nature.

There are also many lakes in and around Munich that we can dive into in the summer, as well as swimming pools dotted throughout the city where we can cool off. These are great ways to spend time on the weekends or after the school day is done. There are plenty of possibilities to go camping or to stay in a pension or Airbnb near the lakes that are a bit further away from town.

For those of you that are more into theater or opera, there are endless shows in a variety of locations across the city. Munich has become a well-known German city for theater. Most of the shows are in German, but there are a handful in English.

In München provides excellent information about what is going in and around Munich. They have information on concerts, events, art openings, children’s events, restaurants and much more. Have a look online or grab your free copy somewhere in the city!

And for many of us, Munich is not where we were born, or even on the continent on which we were born! It is often a challenge to create your home in a far away land. Many things are foreign: the food, the culture, the mentality – even our friends are different here. So how are we able to make our home feel like home, even when we are so far away?

One of my favorite expressions is, “Home is where the heart is.” I believe this to be true. Our families, our memories, our friends and much more live in our hearts. It is that which we take with us when we travel or live in another place. And with our hearts, we take ourselves.

In a foreign land we can still create the home of our choice. We can decorate with colors that make us feel good; we can arrange special objects from our travels and previous homes around our new home; we can cook the food that we love, entertain our new friends with well-loved and well-known dishes and drinks; we can settle in and be fully present in our new environment with everything else deep within our hearts.

The more we are able to actually be here emotionally and mentally, without living in the past or thinking about how much better it is somewhere else, the happier and more well-adjusted we will be in our homes in this country. And with that presence, many magical things can happen: we can start to form deep and lasting friendships, learn new and interesting things from the culture and people, explore and experience places that we would never had been able to, had we stayed in one place, and learn much more about ourselves in a new environment.

Home, wherever it may be on this Earth, is truly within each one of us. Enjoy your time here – open your eyes, ears and hearts even wider and drink in all that you can!


Amie Mignatti is a free spirited woman with her feet on the earth and her heart in the stars. After traveling the world for many years, she landed in Munich where she wears many different hats: yoga teacher, nature coach, outdoor educator for children, English teacher. She also runs personal development courses for women in nature. She and her family are happiest outdoors with friends and campfires.

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