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We Know You’re an Über Mom, Do You?

A Note from the Editor

By Jordan Sapir

When I meet a new mom and explain the concept of Über Moms to her, I’m often met with despair. “Well, I’m definitely not an Über Mom!” She’ll exclaim. After speaking to that very same woman after joining us, one hundred percent of the time, they have redefined what it means to be an Über Mom.

Being an Über Mom is a bit satirical, you see.

Any mother knows that you can strive for perfection, but achieving perfection in motherhood is a fallacy. It’s comparable to all the promises you make as an expectant mother: how you’ll never let your kids watch non-educational television, eat processed foods, or go to bed after a previously set bedtime. Sure, there will be days when you’ll achieve all the goals you set before you as a mother. There will also be days when your greatest achievement is managing to brush your teeth. And on those days, remember that these are the days that make you an Über Mom.

On a sunny morning girls gathered at gym for workout

An Über Mom isn’t defined by her ability to see every task through to perfection. An Über Mom is defined by her ability to persevere when the going gets tough. To me, an Über Mom is waking up at 5 am to train when I could sleep for an extra hour, because I know it has to be done for me to feel fulfilled.

It’s getting your kids to try new veggies, even though you know the struggle it will entail. It’s seeing another mom’s success and asking her how she does it, instead of shaming her. It’s knowing that if you aren’t happy and healthy, your family suffers. It’s also knowing that making your kid a kale smoothie doesn’t define you as a mother.

Being an Über Mom, to me, means that motherhood is not my legacy, but setting goals, leading by example, having a positive body image and a healthy and active lifestyle is.

I’ve also self-admittedly changed what my definition of an Über Mom means to me. That’s the great thing about learning to be stronger, more confident and self-assured. We, as women, have the right to change our opinions, attitude, goals and agendas as we see fit.

Smiling multi-ethnic female in gym after workout

Being an Über Mom is a movement.

The movement to change the notion that it is society’s decision to define what being a mother is to a woman. Über Moms know that they are responsible for their own personal and family’s health and well being.

Our goal: to work together to advance our shared goal to live a healthy, active lifestyle for ourselves and our families.

How do you define Über Mom?


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Jordan Sapir, mother of two glitter-laden girls, 2 and 5, studied Journalism and International Political Science in NYC, a place she once called home. She can slaughter five languages fluently. She has worked in a newsroom or two, walked a catwalk or three, and is all for an impromptu adventure. Having traded in her Prada for pretzels, the founder of Über Moms lives in Munich, where she is a stay at home mom and studying to become a certified nutritionist. She is a mommy on a mission and wants to help fellow mothers raise healthy happy families, and beat a PR here and there.

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