How Passion Can Shape You

By Leah Hasse

When someone asks me what I’m passionate about, my immediate thought is, “I wonder how much time they have.” There is just so much that’s important to me, so much that moves me, and so much I want to do and influence and fight for, that it can feel like my passions are running rampant.

I have noticed that generally, people expect an answer consisting of only one or two things, so that is the answer I usually give. But in reality, there is so much that drives me and makes me who I am. I have often felt that I should narrow down the things I care about, or that there’s something wrong with me in that I don’t have just one thing that moves me.

At this stage in my life, I have learned to use my passions as tools to drive me. They aid my productivity, my everlasting pursuit of discipline, and my constant want to improve myself. I am passionate about people, like my family and friends. I am passionate about maintaining healthy relationships and prioritizing self care. I am passionate about activities like hiking, studying, traveling, and exercising. I am passionate about causes and living a life that reflects my morals.

To have so many passions can often be overwhelming. It is a balancing act that can often leave you feeling that a part of your life is being neglected. But as I’ve gotten older, I have gotten better at the give and take. I have also realized more and more how all of my passions, which often seem like singular or isolated topics and ideas, are intertwined and feed off each other. I have realized that working on one of my passions can give me insight and perspective into another.

Being passionate about things means that you feel intense emotion towards them. Embracing all of my passions has helped me to understand those emotions and the resulting actions. My passion for my children is why I get so upset when someone is mean to them. My passion for self care is why I find time for myself even when it seems impossible. My passion for a healthy lifestyle is why I research food and products for my family even though it means so much extra work.

Sometimes passions make me feel like part of a community. Sometimes they leave me feeling isolated. All of my passions make me who I am, and I love that as I delve into one, I discover something about who I am. I love that exploring passions can help you to unlock or uncover a part of yourself that you had no idea existed. Passion can turn the timid into the brave, and the mild into the strong. I have truly enjoyed watching passion transform me and those around me.

Leah currently lives in Germany with her family. She loves everything related to the outdoors, and can often be found hiking or camping with her husband and two children. She enjoys traveling, studying languages, and taking random classes online to learn new skills. She hopes to use her writing to bring people together and to challenge biases surrounding motherhood.

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