Fit, Fitter, Mommy Strong

By Lisa Davidson

Working out – some do it to lose weight, some to stay in shape, others to have fun. I do it to keep my sanity and to stay connected with my husband.

Let’s be honest: there is never enough time for your family, your significant other or yourself when you’re trying to get daily tasks and chores done. Life is busy; life with children even more so. But this makes it even more important to take a deep breath every now and then and focus on yourself.

My husband and I used to do that at the gym. We enjoyed the two hours of free child-care a day while working out and spending time with each other. But our gym schedule soon collided with play dates, work deadlines and doctor’s appointments. The fact that the kids were spending less time with playmates and more time in front of the TV at Kiddieland didn’t help us enjoy ourselves. So we decided quit the gym around the corner and build our own at home.

We both thought it would be a major investment: flooring, weights, cardio- and strength-equipment. But we did our research, studied yard sale sites and local sales and in less than two months our gym was pretty much equipped with more than just essentials. We still want to add a few gadgets here and there, but all in all we have a well-functioning workout room right in our house – accessible 24/7, no child care needed.

Working out gives me a reason to focus on myself for a certain period of time, while staying healthy and active for my children. And it gives me quality time to spend with my husband while we both do something we love. It is important to me to show my children that working out isn’t an annoying chore or an undesired commitment. It’s a promise to myself to do the best I can and to push myself a little harder each day to improve. I want to show my girls that they don’t need to compare themselves to anyone else as long as they try to be better than they were yesterday.

The best part, however, is that they are interested in what we are doing just from watching us. They like to set up their own “kid’s gym,” as they call it, and show us their newest tricks. My four-year-old keeps telling me she has to keep working out to grow big and strong. And I can stop feeling guilty about cancelling their playdates or parking them in front of the TV because we finally have the flexibility we needed. A gym at home, just for us – accessible whenever we want to use it.



Lisa Davidson, mother of two energetic and drama-prone little divas, aged 2 and 4, studied Journalism in Munich and spent most of her time before having children writing for various publishers and travelling the world. After multiple moves inside and outside Germany, her latest pit-stop brought her to Texas, far from home but not from her heart. Now the days contain less scribbling in journals, but instead accomplishing tricky toddler crafts from Pinterest, less strolling in high heels through European metropolises, but instead trying to connect her daughters to her own culture. She is a busy mommy who knows how hard it can be to be far away from old friends and family, and she wants to help fellow moms to stay always true to themselves – no matter how stressful life can be or where their journey might take them.


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