Letter from the Editor

A Nameless Woman: Life After Mom

A Note from the Editor

by Jordan Sapir

There are a lot of missing links involved in life after babies. Some of them have to do with health issues, our bodies, false hope, and expectations. Women are increasingly becoming aware of once taboo subjects thanks to the emergence of social media. Unfortunately, what we don’t hear a lot about is the post-baby woman.

Essentially, we lose our names. We become Mom.


Mom is a great title and well-earned, yet there is something to be said about a woman without a name. Does she have no past? Is she content being nameless or does she yearn for what she once was?

It’s hard to remember who I was before kids. It’s hard to recognize myself now. What I’m certain of is the fact that I don’t want to remain nameless. I will speak to my daughters about my past and who I was before having them. I also want to surround myself with women who want to be more than just “Mom.” Being “Mom” is great, but being an Über Mom is even better. This month we discuss life after “Mom”.


Our Über Moms writer and Life Coach, Amie Mignatti, shares her advice on finding solutions to feeling lost in motherhood.

Family Counselor Katie Rössler tells us how to kid-proof our marriages.

Celina Criss, our Über Mom sex educator, discusses loving who you are now, over-stimulation, and embracing your new body.

Julie Leonard gives busy moms some much needed self-care advice.

Straight from Hawaii and new to Munich, mom of two Leah Hasse talks about the complex realm of motherhood and friendship.

Lisa Davidson, our native German Über Mom living in Texas, ponders what happened to her goals from before becoming a mother.

Clinical Psychologist and mom, Mallika Bhatia, addresses newly made mom friends, while Masha Ginzburg makes sense of how to keep busy during maternity leave.

How does Über Mom Pia Johansson know that everything changes after having babies?

Well, because she’s our in house Swedish scientist with all the facts!

Don’t forget to join me on my adventure Tri(ing) to conquer my fears as a mom.


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Jordan Sapir, mother of two glitter-laden girls, 1 and 3, studied Journalism and International Political Science in NYC, a place she once called home. She can slaughter five languages fluently. She has worked in a newsroom or two, walked a catwalk or three, and is all for an impromptu adventure. Having traded in her Prada for pretzels, the founder of Über Moms lives in Munich, where she is a stay at home mom and studying to become a certified nutritionist. She is a mommy on a mission and wants to help fellow mothers raise healthy happy families, and beat a PR here and there.

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