Self Care For Busy Moms

by Julie Leonard Are those days gone when you regularly went to the hairdressers, got your nails done, enjoyed a spa day, or even remembered your regular check ups at the dentist? Before I had a child, I had so much freedom and free time to enjoy regular me-time, and didn’t think twice about planning in some self care. But after my son was born, for a long time it came very far down the list, until I started taking my own advice and began to think about my self care. When I talk to women about self care, the … Continue reading Self Care For Busy Moms

Finding Our Way Forward in Motherhood

by Amie Mignatti Becoming a mother is such a big life change, and often it takes time to step into our new role fully. The beginnings of pregnancies are filled with beautiful dreams of our children, and how we will be the best mom ever to this little bundle of joy. Soon after, in the first few months, come the fears and uncertainty, with thoughts of whether we are truly capable of being the best mom ever. And then the baby comes. It’s a time filled with love and wonder: we have created this perfect being and we want to … Continue reading Finding Our Way Forward in Motherhood

Sexy Never Left

by Celina Criss Ever feel like everyone wants a piece of you? Like, literally everyone and pieces of your actual physical body? You’ve got an infant on a boob, a toddler climbing you like a tree, and a partner casting “you never touch me anymore” bedroom eyes your way. But what if you took a moment to not worry about what they want and to consider what you need? A quick walk? An hour for yoga? Some quiet time and a good boo— STOP This is not another extreme self care, put your own oxygen mask on first post. Let’s … Continue reading Sexy Never Left

How to Kid Proof Your Marriage

by Katie Rössler First comes love: we connect. We get excited. Endorphins are surging through us, and we can’t wait till we see each other again. Then comes marriage, for some. We decide to be bonded and committed to each other, whether through legal means, spiritual commitments, or post-it notes. Now begins the hard work: learning how to be a “we.” But, before we learn how to be a “we,” sometimes something else comes along… Well, the saying goes, “Then comes the baby in the baby carriage,” but let’s be real, ladies, that doesn’t even start to scratch the surface … Continue reading How to Kid Proof Your Marriage

Where Did I Go?

by Lisa Davidson I always knew what I wanted and where I wanted to go. I wanted to become a writer, wanted to experience life in the US, wanted to be married by age 21. I missed my last goal by three days, which didn’t blur the happy occasion. I was lucky to find a man like my husband so early in life. I knew what I had in him from the second I met him, and I swore myself to work hard to keep us happy. Therefore, my next goal became to be the perfect wife. My life was … Continue reading Where Did I Go?

Busy Bee Goes on Maternity Leave

by Mariia Ginzburg “In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.” – Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn What were your expectations while you were pregnant for the first time? I was the one who believed that maternity leave would allow me to finally finish all my undone stuff, to explore museums with my sleeping angel, to have more time for my friends and hobbies, to gain some new professional skills and to develop my pilot project. Well, everything I couldn’t do being full-time working career-oriented lady. I believed there would be … Continue reading Busy Bee Goes on Maternity Leave

Parent-Species & Friends

by Mallika Bhatia Facebook has ruined the definition of being friends. People can’t truly differentiate between acquaintances, classmates, colleagues, neighbours-that-one-occasionally-says-hi-to, fellow group-members, and actual friends. Everyone is a ‘friend’ on social media. I guess this must work for some people, but when one becomes a parent, it changes. It’s like parents transform into a new species altogether. The parents-species has limited free time, at least a hundred chores to complete in a single day, and a few little humans hanging on to them that need to be loved and fed. These little humans also need to be cleaned, kept disease-free, … Continue reading Parent-Species & Friends

Letter from the Editor

A Nameless Woman: Life After Mom A Note from the Editor by Jordan Sapir There are a lot of missing links involved in life after babies. Some of them have to do with health issues, our bodies, false hope, and expectations. Women are increasingly becoming aware of once taboo subjects thanks to the emergence of social media. Unfortunately, what we don’t hear a lot about is the post-baby woman. Essentially, we lose our names. We become Mom. Mom is a great title and well-earned, yet there is something to be said about a woman without a name. Does she have … Continue reading Letter from the Editor

Everything Changes When You Become a Mother – And Your Brain Helps By Changing, Too

by Pia Johansson Science tells us that mothers react more to their own baby crying or laughing than to a control baby. Well, I guess you already knew that, but did you know that your brain changes in size and … Continue reading Everything Changes When You Become a Mother – And Your Brain Helps By Changing, Too