Now or Never: Surviving the Texas Heat

By Lisa Davidson

As a military family, we have lived in many places and were fortunate to have traveled to even more. I love to explore new cities, to dive into foreign cultures, and to live in unfamiliar places. I never argued about leaving our “home” behind to find a new one – except this one time, as we were moving to Texas.

Since I met my husband I have kept telling him I could never live in Texas. The summers are too hot, the winters practically non-existent. I liked having seasons. The year is a mixture of temperatures, reaching from cold to mild to more or less hot. Everything was bearable because it wasn’t long-term. The cold would stay for a couple of weeks until it’s replaced by mild spring days. And more importantly, the hot summers wouldn’t linger for months.

But you should never say never. As all military wives know just too well, the Army did not ask me for my opinion. I tried to stay positive, but honestly, I didn’t really know how I could survive in Texas.

We moved to central Texas in the middle of August, when a day with temperatures in the high 90s℉ is considered pleasant. It was hot. It was dry. It was unusually bright. But to my surprise, no-one really seemed to care.

Kids were walking home from school in the middle of the day, families were out spending their afternoons at the playground, runners were getting their workout in on blistering tarmac.

I wondered how they could do it and why I seemed to be the only person who found it hot.

But it didn’t take long until I realized something extraordinary: humans are exceptional creatures of habit. After a few weeks, the heat didn’t seem unbearable anymore. I actually liked the long, sunny days. And I learned how to survive in Texas.

Besides getting more or less sun-resistant, you need to schedule your day and activities around the heat. And you need to keep telling yourself that you like being out in the sun.

A friend of mine told me before our move that everyone she knew who moved to Texas decided to stay there.Now I understand why. The heat is sometimes excruciating, but the sunshine all year long makes you happy.

This is my third summer in Texas, and I truly enjoy living here. I am looking forward to summer, especially after an unusually cold winter. I start looking for my coat when the forecast proclaims temperatures below 65℉. And I can’t see myself living through a German winter ever again.

But I used to say that about the Texas summer as well.



Lisa Davidson, mother of two energetic and drama-prone little divas, aged 2 and 4, studied Journalism in Munich and spent most of her time before having children writing for various publishers and travelling the world. After multiple moves inside and outside Germany, her latest pit-stop brought her to Texas, far from home but not from her heart. Now the days contain less scribbling in journals, but instead accomplishing tricky toddler crafts from Pinterest, less strolling in high heels through European metropolises, but instead trying to connect her daughters to her own culture. She is a busy mommy who knows how hard it can be to be far away from old friends and family, and she wants to help fellow moms to stay always true to themselves – no matter how stressful life can be or where their journey might take them.


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