How Technology Can Be Good For Our Health

By Julie Leonard

We try to limit screen time for our 3-year-old, yet he is already navigating my mobile phone with ease, and in less than a minute can change the screen from the Google Docs file I’m working on on my laptop to his favourite show on Netflix. And so I have to accept that technology is playing and will play a large role in his life, whilst still ensuring he uses it in an effective and positive way.

I think I am perhaps just a little bit envious of how easily it comes to him. As a mom who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s, I didn’t see or use a computer until I went to University. And even then, it was only a small room of eight computers and a shared printer (the kind with the stack of paper that had a strip on either side with holes in it that you had to tear off when finished). And it wasn’t until I started working in the mid-’90s that I got my first mobile phone that had only call and SMS functions.

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As a result, I’m not very confident with technology. It takes me a long time to grasp new apps and platforms. And, to be honest, when it comes to my business, I am much more a face-to-face people person than a social media expert, and I’m quite happy to delegate that aspect of my business to others.

However, knowing a little bit about social media and other internet platforms and using them in the right way can have huge benefits for our health.There are some fantastic apps out there that can help support our emotional well-being and happiness.

How To Make Technology Work For You

  1. Be in control of the technology. Platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp are a fantastic way to keep in touch with family and friends, especially as an expat. By limiting your mobile and laptop usage, selecting the applications that bring you benefits and decluttering your technology to include only those that are useful and positive, you become the master of technology, not its servant.
  2. There is a wealth of fantastic apps that can help motivate, encourage and support a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Play around and find the ones that you connect with and that support the lifestyle you wish to lead.

Our technological devices need to be our SERVANTS not our MASTERSM Russell Ballard

Here are some of my favourite ones:

A subscription based app that provides daily guided meditation designed to help you live more mindfully.

This app offers meditation, breathing exercises and sleep stories.

Breathe Magazine
I love this magazine. You can subscribe online or visit their website for free access to a wide range of articles.

A simple and effective interactive app designed to reduce stress and help you to calm down.

Free Relaxing Nature Sounds
A free app offering a range of relaxing sounds of nature.

Relax, destress and sleep better in ten minutes with this mindfulness coach app.

Happify translates the science of happiness into online games and activities you can access from your phone or laptop.

Just One Minute
Incorporating the neuroscience of happiness, this app offers 52 one minute practices that can change your life.

Greater Good In Action
Activities drawn from positive psychology to enhance your life, allowing you to practice things like gratitude, empathy and resilience.

A game to help you build resilience.

With only a few minutes use a day, these apps can really improve your health and well-being. So take control of your technology and use it to your advantage.


Julie Leonard is a Life Coach, Aromatherapist, Seminar Facilitator and Speaker with over 25 years of experience in Psychology, Health and Coaching. She is from Scotland and is currently based in Munich. Her passion is happiness and supporting women all over the world to transform themselves and their lives in order to live to their full potential and happiness.

Check out her business here and remember that Über Moms benefit from a 10% discount on a Life Coaching sessions.

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