Own Your Life

By Amie Mignatti


Each of our lives is unique, by their very design. The families, culture, country, language and socio-economic status we are born into is not a choice, yet define so much of who we are.  But as we grow up, we are able to choose how our lives play out- who our friends are, where we live, our partners, our career path, etc.


As our lives unfold, we are constantly faced with choices and decisions about which way to go. We have the ability to go through life with our hearts and eyes wide open and make conscious decisions based on what is right for us at that particular point in our lives.


I have observed that many people don’t choose to do what they personally want to do, but rather what they feel they need to do based on another person’s expectations or on societal pressure.  How many of us lived up to our parent’s expectations on what we should study and what jobs we should take and how many of us did whatever the hell we wanted to, regardless of the consequences and of what people thought?



How many of us really wanted to do something (travel, study, work, etc.), but were too afraid of either what others would think, or talked ourselves out of it because we were afraid of failing or falling?


The bottom line is that you are the architect of your own life. You have the power, as an adult, to choose whatever it is that you want in life. It is very easy for us to blame our external circumstances in order to make us feel better about the paths we did not take because we were too afraid to step out of our comfort zone.  Often, we are not truly happy in the place we are in life, but we stay there because we know it and we know how to work with it. We can convince ourselves that we are happy, but deep down, there is a little voice calling for our attention that wants to be heard.


When we listen to this voice, to what our heart is saying, and we start to follow it -wherever it leads us- we begin to create the life we desire and to step out of the victim role.  We are only the victim if we allow ourselves to be the victim. Once we recognize this, we start to empower ourselves. Once we start to empower ourselves, something very magical happens: we no longer accept less than what we are worth, we realize things are not as scary or as hard as we had once feared, and we begin to shine so brightly that we attract what we truly want in life.



As this is the month of standing up for what we believe in, I believe in the importance of accepting personal responsibility rather than placing blame. I believe in accepting our lives as they come and using our own power to transform them into what we want them to be. We all have limitless potential within us and it’s time we not only recognized this, but used our hearts to move us forward and upward into a space of fulfillment, joy and inspiration. 

Amie Mignatti is a grounded yet free spirited woman who wears many hats. Her passion and curiosity for life has taken her around the world where she has lived on 4 continents and held jobs ranging from farming to teaching to sailing and then some.  She is now a Mama of a super cute little girl, a yoga teacher, an outdoor educator for children, a nature coach for adults and leads self development/empowerment courses for women outdoors. She feels most comfortable in the forest and sunshine and with a smile on her face., . www.englischfee.blogspot.com(new website coming soon!!)

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