Using Your Skills as a Mother in the Office

By Asja Baško


​It’s time to update your CV and there is this one gap. Smaller or larger but it’s there and the funny thing is that larger it is, less confident you feel about it. Business world and most of the society act like this gap is a huge step back in your professional career. Now you will need to work even harder and prove yourself by catching up with all possible and impossible developments, changes, missed knowledge and other attributes of 24/7 job life. Why are they so scared of it? The problem is that you can’t measure it. Everybody knows that no matter how boring, soul wrenching or simply bad is the job, you still can give some figures or state achievements that employers can relate to.
​But how do you measure your time with kids at home? By number of nappies changed, cooked meals, sleepless nights and next days after them that you made it, survived or avoided tantrums, washed loads of clothes, ”aha” moments, doctor office visits, amount of wrinkles on your face or gray hair on your head?or maybe by the number of good days?

7AB09CBA-899A-4929-9105-D6F4756271C3.jpegThe thing is that with tiredness, not enough sleep and feeling overwhelmed with all what’s going on at home, we forget to see how motherhood has changed us. We try so hard to be the same women as we were before our kids – with our looks, attitude, weight that we miss something really important.
​Yes, you have changed and believe me no matter how messy is your home or how loud are your kids screaming or driving you nuts at the moment, you have mastered a lot of skills that other people can just dream about even if they attend hundreds of courses and workshops:
• creativity – how many life hacks have you learned since you are mom to keep kids busy, do crafts with them, get that dinner ready after a crap day, keep your sanity or do things faster or don’t do at all;
• positive attitude – you know that no matter in how much shit you are in or have on your clothes, it could be much worse. It’s not end of the world even if it feels sometimes like that. So you take your time but you don’t stop or quit. That vomit, poop or dried brocolli just can’t stay there for ever. So you look for solutions and keep on going with the smile and tears in your eyes;
• decision making – you don’t need loads of data or meetings for months to make decisions. You consider the situation, if required, you reach out to get more information – other moms, specialists, google, books. You are not shy to ask questions and don’t sit for ages wondering about ifs or what people will think of you or how silly it would be to ask. You very well know that you need to catch the moment before the situation gets out of control;
• negotiation skills – have you thought how many times you had managed to leave the shop without buying all chocolates and sweets that your kid wanted to get while you stood in those long queues. No matter how old is your kid, you are dealing with a person with own wishes and needs and who is your most stubborn negotiation partner in your whole life;
• constant learner – no matter how open minded and wise person you are, your wonderful kid keeps you kicking out of your comfort zone. So you need to learn and discover new insights all time to have a life. And the best, when you have managed one thing like eating solids, walking or getting kindergarden place, the next new thing to learn is just around the corner.
• motivation – you are the best motivator in whole world as you find right words and moments to support your kids and show love when they are sad, afraid to try or just need a little encouragement;
• time management – you plan, call and arrange all activities and events in your family, be it kid courses, kids and their friends birthdays, doctors visits, grocery shopping or travel plans. No sickness or unexpected event will not screw up your plans, you will just rearrange them.
• multi-tasking – one of reasons why so many projects don’t get finished on time is doing them in phases, like you need to finish one to start next one. If you were like that at home, dinner meal would rarely make it to the table. Now you know that while washing machine is working, you can cut veggies and apply cleaner to bathtub and let it do it’
s job without scrubbing while you make a call and read a book to your kid.

​I bet there are much more skills that you have learned since you became a mom. Take 2minutes and think what do you do differently now?how does your thinking and perception differ? Do you realize that you are the best project manager in the world with all these skills?
​You don’t have and won’t get those paper certificates to put on your wall for all what you have learned from being a mom as your certificates of mastery are faces of your happy, healthy and thriving kids who are luckiest ones in the world to have such a great mom and manager. So don’t forget to fill your gap on CV with all skills that you have mastered. Companies should be fighting to get such exceptional manager to do their projects. As I’m completely sure that none of your kid’s birthday party guests received a note saying ”birthday party is delayed till 2020 and overall costs will increase by few more billions’ of euro”.

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