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Join us, on the Über Moms Facebook page,  Friday, February 23rd @20:00, for a Live Chat with Über Mom, Managing Editor of, Jenny Hoff, to discuss how to get back to work and love it. Jenny will share her success story, give tips and answer questions.

Exclusively for Über Moms.

A little about Jenny.

Jenny Hoff is an award-winning journalist who has worked in the broadcast industry for more than 15 years as a television reporter, news anchor, political show host and, most recently, host of the financial podcast Charged Up! with Jenny Hoff. While her television news experience focused on politics, bringing her from the war in Afghanistan to the war on Capitol Hill, she now concentrates on personal finance issues, interviewing financial experts and inspirational individuals like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki on a host of topics including retirement planning, investing, and credit. Jenny is also currently a Managing Editor at, where she runs the multimedia division, providing digestible, consumer-based video stories on credit, debt and overall financial health. She has degrees in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia and an MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, which she earned while living in Germany and working for the international broadcast station, Deutsche Welle. She was recently recognized in Austin Woman Magazine, for her work in the credit and financial information space.


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