Inspiration. Where?

Inspiration. Where??

By Mallika Bhatia


As a self-employed, home-office running, some-days-sitting-in-my-pajamas-and-writing woman, I need to find constant sources of inspiration to keep me working/going. Being self-employed isn’t easy. As rosy and convenient as it sounds, one needs a very high level of self-motivation to keep it going. It is astounding how easy it is to slip into the I-can-do-it-another-day mode. 

There are days when I would work with 2-3 clients, make progress on the book I am writing, cook fresh meals for my family, go for a jog, connect with a few friends, do some marketing and still have enough energy left to play with my toddler and even go out in the evening. And then there are days when I clear the breakfast table just before dinner, which we have to order because I didn’t have the motivation to cook. I don’t need the table for lunch on those days, since lunch is had sitting on the couch while watching an episode of Gray’s anatomy or Gilmore girls on my laptop.

It is the later type of days when I need inspiration to even move from the couch to go pick up my daughter from her Kindergarten. Thankfully, I have learnt the art of not falling into the lazy day trap for too long, I free myself from it in a maximum of 7 hours.

Here’s how:

  1. I write a schedule\to-do-list.I recently discovered that writing things down on a piece of paper changes a lot. We tend to see things in black and white, literally as well as figuratively (provided, you used a black pen and white paper). When we write things, we are in a sense committing and hence our chances of finishing them become much higher.
  1. I read. Reading inspires me a lot, it could be quotes on Facebook, Books, Testimonials from my clients, blogs, stories of people’s lives. Reading ALWAYS  motivates me to act.
  1. Anchoring feelings- I simply reconnect with how I feel after I have accomplished a said task. As soon as I remember the satisfaction and happiness I derive from my work, everything seems worth it
  1. Re-read, reconnect, revive- Going back and reading sweet messages from loved ones, mails and feedback from my clients never fails to motivate me. I know I have mentioned it above but here I am talking about re-reading the same things. It helps me realize that just like my clients, I can create magic too. It helps me revive my motivation and inspires me to go on. 
  1. Taking a child’s perspective- A child always has more wisdom than all the adults put together. Their focus is simple- fun. When we have fun in doing something, our unmotivated days are automatically reduced.
  1. Take inspiration from others-In this department, I have a special privilege since people share their deepest struggles with me. Listening to my clients’ stories always inspires me. They require so much strength to share their deepest secrets and still they do it so genuinely. It requires so much guts to want to change and yet they want to change. It takes a lot to admit that we need help and yet they do it so inspirationally. Listen to stories and struggles of people around and get inspired. 
  1. Share your struggles- Sharing is always inspirational for both parties. Others’ could get inspired from our stories the same way we get inspired from them.
  1. Never stop looking for inspiration. I never stop looking hence I never stop finding things that inspire. It is as simple as that. 

I hope this post is one of those things that motivates you, inspires you and moves you in some way. It is one of those things that you keep re-reading.

3758567D-6C53-4CED-B056-A010A1EBC220Mallika Bhatia is Life Coach with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in Hypnotherapy with more than 13 years of experience in this field. Yet her 3 year old seems to believe that Mamma is a snack maker who is also good at telling bed time stories. She is a writer, a blogger and a published author who had a regular dedicated column in 2 National Dailies in India. Though her daughter still strongly believes that Mamma’s work is sitting in cafes and starting into empty spaces. She practices in Munich at her office in NeuHarlaching or over Skype. For appointments & more information check out- For regular doses of wisdom ‘Like’ & follow her on




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