Letter from the Editor

A Note from the Editor
By Jordan Sapir

The Motherload

Every month, Über Moms writers come together to discuss a topic. February is systematically dedicated to love and renewal. This month we chose to F.L.Y.: First love ourselves. This February, Über Moms are focusing on career crossroads.

They say that you can have it all. That is, until reality sets in. Who’s going to look after the children? Will they be resentful? Am I making the right choices? Who wants to hire me – I’ve been out of the game for so long. The answer is clear. You don’t have to get where you want to go by continuing to move in the same direction. As mothers we are incredibly adaptable, patient, innovative and resilient. So why is it that when it comes to focusing on our own futures, we let our insecurities set in?

There is the working mom, whose kids are in day-care full-time: she feels guilty for working. She followed her career path and is regretting ever setting her foot in the door. She is tired, she is lonely, and she is burning the wick at both ends.

There is the SAHM. She wonders why she lived her entire life working towards a career in order to have to change diapers, cook and clean. She is overwhelmed, overworked, over-educated and underpaid. Whether you’re the workaholic or the homemaker: it’s your right to decide your own vocational journey. If your career is not compatible with motherhood—change it. If you want to get back to work, but don’t know how, be innovative.

We women are truly magnificent. We are capable of miracles. Miraculously, the primitive nature of the workforce has yet to realize our potential, accept our given rights and invest in our and our childrens’ futures.

Now is your time. Change your path. Change your notion of the modern career woman. Reach out for support. Support other women and their choices and goals. Build your fellow mothers up instead of breaking them down. Fight for what you believe in. Most importantly, lead by example. Our girls and boys are watching.

Join Mallika Bhatia in a 2-part article showcasing her ability to find inspiration in the smallest things. Lisa Davidson focuses on finding her happy medium between being a working mom and a SAHM. Katie Rössler and Abigail Fobanjong discuss the Mom Mind Trap, and how to overcome fears and build self-confidence. Entrepreneur, Über Mom and goddess of all things yoga and nature, Amie Mignatti, tells us her story and gives us the how to on ways to love everything we do. Life Coach Julie Leonard gets real with Moms. Stop being afraid, start working towards your goals and just do what comes naturally, is her advice for new moms seeking work. Asja Baško, working mom, discusses filling that gap in your CV and making time off work in your favor. Carolyn Hecken provides us with the essential ingredients for career fulfillment.

Finally, I was fortunate to have had the pleasure of interviewing my former colleague and friend Meesha Chang, who took a bold step this year, one that involved making a CV for her one year old, some serious multi-tasking and courage.

As always we come together to provide resources for moms, and to entertain and to inspire Expat moms living in Munich and abroad.

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Jordan Sapir, mother of 2 glitter-laden girls, 1 and 3, studied Journalism and International Political Science in NYC, a place she once called home. She can slaughter 5 languages fluently. She has worked in a newsroom or 2, walked a catwalk or three, and is all for an impromptu adventure. Having traded in her Prada for Preztels, the founder of Über Moms lives in Munich, where she is a stay at home mom and studying to become a certified nutritionist. She is a mommy on a mission and wants to help fellow mothers stay healthy, raise happy families, and beat a PR here and there.

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