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Every month Über Moms writers come together to discuss a topic. We thought we’d use January, which has normally been dedicated to resolving and new beginnings, as the time to discuss gratitude. I for one can attest to forgetting to appreciate the smaller things by focusing on the negative. In fact, the past few days have been tumultuous.

We’ve been dealing with Jetlag from our holiday, the house is in shambles and I am literally behind on everything with no sign of avail. After the obligatory virtual moaning and sadness I decided that now is the best time to put my notion into motion. My head is foggy and riddled with mommy tasks, I’m a walking zombie, but this is a moment, this will pass. The kids will get older and forget all those trips abroad and the adventures.

My youngest is too young to grasp the concept of time travel and just reveals at the fact that she’s awake, on the plane, at 4 in the morning on the floor, no matter the time nor country and is just thrilled to have a sip of water, see her first toy, receive her first cuddle. For her it’s all the same. She is just happy to wake up and start her day. Granted her day consists of being carried around, having her bum cleaned and being fed gourmet meals from a high chair, she’s still got the right idea. I’m the one who gets to provide water for her, spend time with her whilst diapering, and prepare the gourmet meals that she so throughly enjoys. I get to stay home with my kids. I get to see every moment and love it, the good and the bad. I get to blow away ouches, tidy up puzzles and toys. I get to watch from the corner as my girls (probably for the first time that day) cuddle whilst reading books and capture the moment in my consciousness. For this Über Mom, the month of January means remembering that,”I get”, to mother my children and partner their father. I get to live in the moments. No one is forcing me. I don’t have to. These were my choices, that lead to all the beauty around me, which lead to me sitting here writing, doing what I love, while my children sleep at an awkward hour because we got to travel the world and we get to come back home to a warm, cozy, family home, albeit messy and chaotic.

Stop having to and start getting to.

My month will be all about what I get to do instead of what I have to do. Even at this troubling time trying to readjust and feeling nostalgic about our trip home, I get to spend precious moments with my girls who will never be this little again. Never remember it this way and think it’s a blast to open their eyes everyday because they get to play.

Join us this month as Über Moms discuss their views of gratitude. Pia Johansson is back in Sweden and writes Part II of her journey home. She’s chaotic, yet gracious. Lisa Davidson, our German Über Mom lives as an Expat in America and discusses how to start loving more and judging less. Resident yogi, coach and queen of all nature helps us feel gratitude even when times are tough. Mallika wants us to learn and lead by example and our Über holistic nutritionist Monika Bock shows us how to think of food in other ways than food. Life Coach Julie Leonard, knows a thing or 2 about positivity and teaches us how practicing gratitude can actually make us happier.

As always, I’m feeling grateful for this amazing group of positive and inspirational women. Everyday I go for a run, work on Über Moms events and challenges, I feel so lucky to have found my tribe and when that gratitude seeps in I feel happy.

Have you stopped to appreciate the moment? Start by supporting our group. Write a post in the group, subscribe to the newsletter, find a running buddy, join a race, volunteer to help me help women in need. We’re so lucky we get to support each other through the  tumultuous journey of what is motherhood.

6F232C6D-2AB0-426F-8A51-FC4AE7E82403Jordan Sapir, mother of 2 glitter laden girls, 1 and 3, studied Journalism and International Political Science in NYC, a place she once called home. She can slaughter 5 languages fluently. She has worked in a newsroom or 2, walked a catwalk or three, and is all for an impromptu adventure. Having traded in her Prada for Preztels, the founder of Über Moms lives in Munich, while being a stay at home mom and studying to become a certified nutritionist. She is a mommy on a mission and wants to help fellow mothers stay healthy, raise happy families and beat a PR here and there.


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