Less Judgement, More Love

By Lisa Davidson

An unfortunate outfit, unhealthy snacks for the kids, an emotional outburst – who isn’t quick to judge others? Sometimes we are so opinionated that we don’t take a second to consider what caused the things we criticize.

A while ago I stumbled across a Facebook story about a mother calling the cops on another mother who had a physical confrontation with her child. Later on, it turned out that she was trying to calm down her autistic son who has been acting violent toward her. The mom who reported the incident had posted the story because of feeling judgmental and ashamed, calling other moms to not make the same mistakes. Inste, d we should help each other out and simply ask before jumping to conclusions.

A day has not gone by that I have not thought about her post. Have I called the police on a fellow mom? No. Have I judged other moms for their way of parenting, the behavior of their children or their public appearance in general? Oh yes . But until now I never paid much attention to the circumstances or spent any time thinking about a reason for their behavior.


I am far from being the perfect mom. I don’t have children who constantly act like little angels. Let’s be honest … those are expectations no one could ever fulfill. Everyone has good and bad days, children will always be children. Instead of competing, we should spend our time connecting. Less judgment, more sympathy. Less arrogance, more understanding.

It’s not that hard. Aren’t we all in the same shoes? If my kids aren’t the ones throwing the tantrum in the middle of the grocery store today, they will probably be the ones doing it tomorrow. Next time I get frustrated with my toddler, I’d rather get an empathetic look rather than a judgmental sigh.

Let’s not judge each other or our children. Even if we are slightly different, we all face the same challenges, have the same problems and work toward the same goals. Let’s start to see each other as friends, be there for each other, and help each other out – without judgement and ignorance but with love and companionship.





743C4B9C-630A-4F88-B93A-F4955667ADF3Lisa Davidson, mother of two energetic and drama-prone little divas, age 2 and 4, studied Journalism in Munich and spend most of her time before child writing for various publishers and travelling the world. After multiple moves within and outside Germany, her latest pit-stop brought her to Texas, far from home but not the heart.
Now the days contain less scribbling in journals but accomplishing tricky toddler crafts from Pinterest, less strolling in high heels through European metropolises but trying to connect her daughters with her own culture. She is a busy mommy that knows how hard it can be to be far away from old friends and family and wants to help fellow moms to stay always true to themselves – no matter how stressful life can be or where their journey might take them.


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