Finding Gratitude in the Hardest of Places

By Amie Mignatti

As our life progresses, we find ourselves in situations which are uncomfortable, painful and hard to understand and deal with. We find ourselves lost, uncertain of which way to go and what the right thing is to do. We tend to cling to the safe way- where things work well, feel good and we know where we stand. However, we are not in control, there is a greater force that throws curve balls in our plans and threatens our security.


We have all lived through these situations. We have met fear, sadness, pain, suffering, anger and a range of other emotions that we don’t like, don’t want in our lives and choose to avoid. However, the experiences have a valuable lesson for us. Generally, the stress and pain that we feel push us to change our lives. They force us to move forward, to step into unchartered territory and allow us to be open to many new opportunities, people, places and experiences that will come. Most of these can be positively life changing and bring us closer to where and who we would like to be.

Change always creates space, sometimes this space is wanted, other times it is not- but having new space in our lives is an opportunity for new ideas, experiences and growth.

Our perspective on how we react and deal with these hard situations will affect the outcome. If we can see them as learning lessons, as the catalyst that was needed in order bring us further in our lives and that the pain we felt opened us up to a much deeper space within ourselves and brought about a new understanding about life, then we will take so much more away once the situation has found its closure.


If we can be grateful for the hard times, the hard people and the challenges that we face and see them as lessons to grow, to expand, to learn more about love and compassion, then these experiences are no longer something that have crushed us, but something that we have gone through and have lifted us up.



There is so much value in being thankful for all of the experiences- not just the positive ones. The hardest roads that we walk will bring about the most growth and change. Change your perspective and you can change your life.

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