A Life Coach’s Guide to Goal Setting in 2018

By Julie Leonard

Goal Setting For 2018? – Try My 4 Tips for Success

People often tell me how lucky I am. I run my own business, I have lots of friends and colleagues, I have an active social life, lovely family, I live in Munich … But as I tell my friends and my clients, it’s not really about luck. It’s about Goal Setting.

Being clear on what you want and working on a plan is the best way to ensure that your goals for 2018 happen.

What’s holding you back?

Before you start creating plans, be honest with yourself. Is there anything holding you back? With many of my clients I spend time with them working on their blocks to happiness. We often have lots of ideas of what we want to achieve but many times our goals don’t happen.

For many of us, we are held back by:
– Procrastination
– Being a Perfectionist
– Fear
– Don’t know what I want
– Not specific enough
– Negative Mindset

Recognise any of these in yourself? Then Coaching could be a good place to start to unblock the things that are holding you back. Find out more at julieleonardcoaching.com or email me at julie@potentiacentre.com for a FREE Discovery Chat.


4 Tips For Success:

As we reach the end of the year, now is the time to reflect on the past year and to think about what you want to achieve in 2018. Here are 4 simple tips guaranteed to help attain your goals.

1. Be Specific

Usually the reason that our new year resolutions don’t work is that they are too vague and general. ‘I will lose weight’, ‘I will get fit’. ‘I’ll travel more’. The key to success is to be specific. ‘I will lose 1kg per month until June 2018’, ‘I will run for 30 mins, 3 times per week’, ‘I will travel to Spain, Italy and Greece this year’.

2. Be Realistic

Is it realistic to lose 10kg in one month? Start and run a successful business in 6 months? Compete in a marathon after 3 months of training? Be realistic. Otherwise, you will quickly become demotivated and are more likely to give up.

3. Write It Down


Research tells us that we are more likely to stay motivated and reach our goals if we write them down. We are also even more connected to the goals if we do it the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper.

4. Get An Accountability Partner

There is also a lot of research that it helps greatly to share your goals with someone so as to have some accountability. If no one knows what you are doing then it is easier to give up. But if you tell people then they can keep you accountable to your goals and provide lots of motivation and support.

Whatever you decide to achieve in 2018, use these tips to help you succeed. As the saying goes ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’ And I’d love to help you turn your dreams into reality. Find out more about me and my coaching services at julieleonardcoaching.com

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I never used to be this confident! For a long time I was very shy and anxious but I changed my self and turned my life around and I am passionate about sharing my techniques and 25 years of experience with you so that you too can transform your life and feel truly happy. My other love is essential oils and how to use them every day for self care. My current favourite is Frankincense. And I’ll happily chat to anyone about them over a cup of tea and some freshly baked scones!
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