Black Friday Trivia

Welcome to our first Black Friday trivia question.

Whichever Über Mom can answer the question correctly will win 2 tickets to Detox Rebels Yoga and Workout Event on Decemember 3rd.


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Now, on to the fun stuff. Oh the Christmas Scrouge is going to ruin the joyful Weinachtsmarkt for you. Which of the tasty morsels from our host country’s  cuisine are the most calorie laden? Start with the lowest to highest.

The person who comes the closest will win the prize. If there are more than one there will be a tie breaker.

Which are the least to most calorie laden treats at the Christmas Market per 100grams.

Although, you know we don’t count calories at Über Moms. If you don’t know that you need to join our January challenge ASAP.


No cheating. The first person to answer correctly on the Über Moms FB Page wins.

Gebrannte Mandeln
Geröstete Maronen






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