Interview with Abbie Casper

Abbie is a former Scientist, well once a Scientist always a Scientist, competitive athlete, who is now an Über Mom launching her own documentary family photography business.

She captures the moments we love with our kids and our hearts with her passion. I am extraordinarily impressed with her athletic background from marathons, to Iron Men competitions and triathlons. She has 2 energetic boys, used to run 1-2 marathons a year (15 in total), a couple of triathlons and completed her last triathlon, Iron Man, right before having her first born, which she says isn’t her favorite distance, she’s done it and it’s happy with the results, so once an Iron Man always an…

I guess you could say she is on a mission to stay fit and healthy whilst showing them along the way.

I’m even more impressed with her courage and positivity. Let’s find out what she thinks an Über Mom is made of and what a New Chapter means to her.

The lab coat is most certainly only ever worn for goofing off.

Über Mom: Clearly the definition of Über is extraordinary. So I think that is what encompasses an Über Mom.  I think an Über Mom is a mother who is doing everything in her power to be the best mom she can be, which is essentially the majority of mothers. Now I don’t think that means that makes perfect or that she is exceptional in comparison to other moms. I just mean it means that you love being a mom and you’re passionate about it and you love everything you do just in general.

What is your definition of an Über Mom?

When I think of an Über Moms I think of myself as the athlete I was before having children and the mother I am now.  When you’re an athlete before being a mom you have really high expectations of yourself. I think that the group is great. I think it is about being healthy, happy and a good mom. That’s what I try to do and that’s why I like the group. because I like to try to be as healthy as I can be that moment in time. I always try to keep happy, I’ve never been the kind of person to be an unhappy person. The group supports that.

ÜM: We also discuss feminism a lot and being a good example to our children—male and female. What do you think the boys will take from you being an Über Mom?

I think they will see that their mom is strong. That’s one thing I feared about stopping working. I feared that my boys would think that women can’t do it all. I want them to know that women can be highly educated and that it was a decision that I made to stay home with them.

Abbie just after the Disney World Marathon

Do you think that they’ll appreciate it?

Hopefully, we have a lot of fun together so I hope they’ll appreciate it.

But that’s one of the reasons that drew me into the documentary photography business. Sometimes there are things your children won’t remember and I love documenting those things, those moments. And it’s the little details not just sitting dressed up in a field all day taking pretty pictures. ‘Moms doing a lot while having fun, look what mom is doing everyday,  like getting us dressed and cooking for us’ plus it will be fun to look back on when we’re older.

ÜM: What advice would you give to Moms who are leaving the stereotypical workforce and starting their own business?

Go for it if you want to do it. I think I was scared to even mention it because I just didn’t have the confidence.

(Oh please Abbie. You’ve done an Iron Man. Self confidence is not lacking. )

I guess I’m more confident to other people as I am to myself. I guess I wasn’t taught that in  life, but as soon as I heard other people say I could do it I was like good because that’s what I want to do.

ÜM: How did you put your plan into action?

Well I was back to work and quite unhappy with the work load. The plan was to go back after 5 months while my partner stayed home. I wasn’t happy leaving the kids I used to cry at work. I think I probably would have gotten 1D580F03-9590-4521-94A6-D485CF451536.jpegover it eventually, but since I was having problems at work. It was either work 70 hours per week or maybe find something part time where I could stay with the kids. I wanted to do it all, I wanted to be the professor, with kids —ideally. That’s what everyone says, everyone says that you can have it all.  It just didn’t work that way for me.

ÜM: Do you think that it can happen?

I think that with the right support network it could happen if that’s what you wanted.

My husband was actually really supportive with me moving to photography. Helping me get camera equipment, the best, making time so that could edit.

“The Bride Must Win 5K” Morning of their wedding day.

ÜM: What other resources did you put into starting the business?

Classes and equipment. I signed up for one of Lia Edwards’s classes and then I won a semester of a few classes that were geared towards improving your photography. I’ve also taken branding and marketing classes. I have lots to learn and I’m not officially launching my business until spring of next year.

ÜM: Along with being a stay at home mom with a new developing business you’re also training a lot right?

I’ve done a couple of races but as long distances are concerned I can’t with all the classes and time spent building the business there will be no time for long runs. Once I get both kids in kindergarten I could ideally start training for long distances again.

ÜM: What do you do now with your time?

I try not to fall asleep while I’m putting the kids to sleep. Edit when I get them in bed at night from 9:00-12:00 and if I’m lucky enough for them to nap target same time I also work.

I guess New Chapter means new goals, new compromises and new achievements. Abbie you truly are what this group is all about. Perseverance, positivity and heart, which you’ve definitely got a lot of.

Iron Man 2009





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