Mindset Matters

By: Monika Bock

New Chapters don’t always have to start in January. In fact you can start a new chapter anytime you are ready. This month start thinking about starting a new chapter with your eating habits that can increase energy, mood and mindset. Habits are built over time and eating habits are usually formed with a background in emotions, connections to places and people, and need. Changing these habits can be challenging but doable. The first step is choosing to make a change. One of the three pillars in my practice when working with clients, is sustainability (the other two are nourish and thrive). Anyone can make a change for 2 weeks, 3 weeks but it is the long term where old habits can creep back. When working with my clients my focus is always on the individual and their specific needs and goals. What are some simple steps you can include in your everyday life to changing habits around food?

Feelings around food are a big deal and they are real. Our emotions can get the best of us in the worst of times. They can range from guilt, to comfort, to reward. Some eating habits lead to poor choices and there can be confusion about what to eat when. What foods benefit you and support your health goals? This can be a tough maze to work through even though you may have been dieting for years. Finding the right foods that give you the energy you need is important.

How to change habits:


Start small:

More often than not when we want to make a change we want the change to happen RIGHT NOW! We live in a society where information of any kind is at our fingertips, where we can get anything we want delivered to our door with a press of a button. We have to fit into that dress in 3 weeks, we need to do everything we can to make it happen. And so begins another possible vicious cycle.

Starting out small and with purpose will bring results.

It won’t happen overnight, sustainable change rarely does, but if you make an effort everyday (and track it and your improvements over time) you will be able to see the results, instead of 5 goals to work on one at a time.

What motivates you?


To achieve any goal if you aren’t motivated to do so, it won’t happen no matter how much you think you want it. If you want to lose weight, have more energy, be more focused then adding exercise to your daily schedule might be something to think about. Do you hate to run but enjoy bike riding? Then include biking in your day. It doesn’t need to be a 60 minute bike ride it can be 20-30 minutes. Perhaps you need to run errands or meet a friend for coffee but usually take the car or public transport. This week take the bike instead, (yes, weather at this time of year can be an issue but bundle up!) and enjoy the crisp fall air, I promise you’ll feel better upon arrival.


Hold yourself accountable – this too can be hard at times. Working with friends, a nutritionist, your partner will make the accountability a little less daunting. What works for you? Shifting your mindset to taking care of yourself to make changes that benefit you in the long run (because we only have one body and we should honor it the best we can)- Change can be overwhelming and taking the responsibility of that first step can also be tough. But here’s the crux – you decide what you eat, you decide what you pick off the menu, you are capable of making the right choice for you. Having someone there to support you is one way to make the transition easier.

One habit change makes a difference and will lead to more. Honor the positive changes you have made and continue working towards adding more. Are you ready to start?


472B6368-D868-4168-99E2-FEBFBAAE8873Monika Bock is a holistic nutritionist based in Munich, she is the owner of Nourish-Alō Holistic Nutrition and whose motto is Nourish/Thrive/Sustain. Monika works with a diverse clientele with various health concerns and goals making changes that are both positive and sustainable over time. She loves to batch cook every Saturday after going to the farmer’s market in her neighborhood, there’s nothing like getting fresh produce from the farmer who raised it. Acknowledging that Every BODY is different and people have individual needs, she addresses these needs through a whole food nutrition program and lifestyle change approach.




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