Challenge 7 Goals

Personal Goals. The most important thing about setting goals is to write them down. Have clear specific attainable goals. There will be no, “I want to lose all my baby fat, jump up in an income class and run a marathon by the end of this challenge”.
Your goal list should be time and goal specific.

Personal goals: By the end of the challenge I want to lose 3 kilos.

Your goals don’t have to look like the answer sheet to your 8th grade vocational exam. Be honest with yourself. accurate and reasonable. These should be short term goals that have to do with mind, body and soul. Think about regaining your social life, getting back into shape and becoming more self-aware.

You are not obligated to share your goals, however the point of this challenge is to provide support to one another. So, in saying that, please do share if you feel so inclined to do so.

My list is below:

Nutrition: I will continually eat healthy throughout the holiday season. 

Prepare at least 3 meals in advance on a weekly basis.

Keep my sugar intake low during the holidays.

Body: I want to continue running daily, which is a struggle, but I find it necessary to my sanity. 
I want to learn how to do a flying roundhouse kick.

I want to do a Sub2 Half in 2018.

I want to overcome the monkey bar and rope obstacles at Spartan Race.

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