When Your Baby Has Health Issues

By Anne Frazier Ahrens

Anyone can get Post Partum Depression or Anxiety, but if your baby has health issues, you are at a much higher risk than the average mom. In addition, moms (and dads too!) with prolonged NICU or hospital stays are at high risk for PTSD. According to the Journal of the American Heart Association, PPD occurs in up to 39% of mothers whose children are in the NICU and 10-20% develop PTSD. Continue reading “When Your Baby Has Health Issues”

When the postpartum body doesn’t cooperate

By Pia Johansson

Not being Über amongst the Übers and what to do to make it better

Sometimes, it’s not just about being committed and motivated and finding time for that precious alone time. If the body doesn’t cooperate then motivation doesn’t matter. And it can be difficult then, when your tribe is the Über Moms; a bunch of awesome, driven, continuously exercising supermoms! Continue reading “When the postpartum body doesn’t cooperate”

Challenge 7 Goals

Personal Goals. The most important thing about setting goals is to write them down. Have clear specific attainable goals. There will be no, “I want to lose all my baby fat, jump up in an income class and run a marathon by the end of this challenge”. Your goal list should be time and goal specific. Personal goals: By the end of the challenge I want to lose 3 kilos. Your goals don’t have to look like the answer sheet to your 8th grade vocational exam. Be honest with yourself. accurate and reasonable. These should be short term goals that … Continue reading Challenge 7 Goals