Kids Clothes: Back to School Edition

By Yasmin Mang

Well, that was a short summer, wasn’t it?  Is anyone else completely taken off guard by just how quickly autumn has arrived, and school has started?  And does anyone else find it difficult to get those cute buggers ready to go in the morning? 

I can’t help with the weather, I’m afraid, but I may have a few tips on how to sort clothing to save a bit of time. 


When I had only had a son, I had no idea how easy I had it.  For my seven-year-old son’s clothes, I have a drawer each for socks, undershirts, and underwear that he can easily reach and choose himself.  Also accessible – a stack of school-appropriate trousers/jeans and a stack each of short and long-sleeved shirts.  His favorite hoodie is on the coat rack, and his favorite shoes are at the front door. 

Done and done.  He now wakes up and gets dressed on his own – hallelujah!  

But even when he was younger, grabbing whatever was on top of each pile and briefly making sure they didn’t clash was a task of just a few seconds for my husband or me. And if my husband didn’t choose the best combinations, well, our son didn’t seem to mind.   



Whew! I knew that having a girl would be more challenging in some ways – I was a little girl too once after all – but I didn’t expect it to start so quickly.  At four, she is going through a (hopefully short!) all-dresses-all-pink phase.  And already wants to choose her own clothes. 

So what I do is pre-select appropriate outfits (no, you can’t wear your Elsa costume to school, and no, not your favorite pink pajamas either) and put them each outfit on one hanger.  Whether it is a skirt and matching shirt and tights, a dress with leggings, or even jeans and a t-shirt (currently strongly rejected), I have to admit that the little girl left in me really enjoys setting out all her clothes once a month and deciding what matches best.  

Then, when she wants to choose – or if my husband is in charge of getting her dressed – it is just a matter of picking something appropriate with both the weather and the whims of our little miss.  

pexels-photo-102303 (1).jpeg

Now getting them out of bed on time, or making sure they eat a healthy breakfast? That is not a challenge I have overcome!  But at least here, I hope I have helped make mornings a bit smoother for some of you!

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