Back to School: 6 Tips to Stay Stress-free and Organized

Written By: Julie Leonard

Many of you will have spent the last few days and weeks getting prepared and organised for the start of the school year.  It feels good doesn’t it, to have clothes, bags and stationery all ready, but we all know that as the weeks progress it can be hard to keep that feeling of being prepared. As parents we can quickly feel stressed, unorganized or overwhelmed. 

So, as a passionate declutterer and organiser, let me share 6 ideas on how to stay on top of it all. 

#1 Create a work-space art-supplies-brushes-rulers-scissors-159644

Create a space in your home for your child to do their homework and projects at. Encourage your child to work here. And keep it stocked with all the stationary they will need – pens, pencils, paper, folders, etc so there is no time wasted looking for things. And it drastically cuts down on clutter! Have a space too to organise any school papers and letters so that you both get into the habit of reviewing what needs read and signed. It’s also a good place to talk to your child about school, how they are feeling and to prepare what they need for the next day. 

#2 Organise Clothes for The Whole Week pexels-photo-322207

Don’t lose time hunting for clothes, or figuring out what to wear. Organise the family clothes on a Sunday. Uniforms and sports kits ready for 5 days, and your work clothes organised for the week. If it helps, label 5 hangers with the days of the week and plan out what you are wearing. The time it takes out of your Sunday is far less that trying to dress you and your family every day.  When I worked in an office, I had a capsule work wardrobe – 5 dresses, 1 black cardigan, 5 pairs of black tights and a pair of shoes. Easy! But also smart and professional and put together. 

#3 Create A Planner

We all use planners in our day to day lives so teach your kids how to use them and show them the benefits of thinking and planning ahead. It will save you having to stay up past midnight finishing projects that you just found out are due tomorrow!  Keep it at your school work zone and talk with your child about what homework, tests and projects they have coming up and plan how they will prepare for them. 

#4 Daily Bag Check

Get in the habit of meeting your child at the same time each day to empty their bag and check it. What homework do they have and for when? Put it in the planner. Any letters to read? Forms to sign? What do they need to pack for tomorrow? 

#5 Have a Routine pexels-photo-356074

Children do well with routines. And having the same daily morning and evening routines will teach your child about time management, keep everyone a lot calmer and ensure nothing is forgotten. 

#6 Create Snacks For The Week

It takes time, energy and thought to pack lunches and snacks for our kids but  a little prep saves a ton of time during the week. Organize a drawer in the fridge and stock it with cold snacks. Bag up portions of fruit, carrot sticks, hummus, cheese and whatever else they love which you can throw in a bag or they can grab when hungry. Dedicate a shelf too for juices, nuts, dried fruits, etc so that they are easily at hand. 

Bonus Tip- Reminder Bracelets

I saw this and loved its simplicity yet it is so effective. Help your kids to remember things at school such as returning a book, handing in a form or getting a signature by making reminder bracelets that can be torn off and thrown away when done.
julie-6 (edit)Taking some time to plan and implement the ideas above will help you remain calm and on top of things. I wish you a stress free start to the new school term.

Julie Leonard is a Life Coach and Aromatherapist passionate about supporting women to transform their lives and to live to their full potential. Über moms receive a 10% discount on all coaching sessions.


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