5 Makeup Products for the Perfect Wies’n Look

Sure. A gorgeous Dirndl and a beautiful braided hairstyle are essential for a fabulous Wies’n look. But a gorgeous, glowing complexion is what’s really needed to finish off your look perfectly. Here are the 5 products that will help you to achieve that. They’re really easy to apply and will give you that gorgeous glow in a matter of minutes.

1. Use a good quality medium-full coverage foundation

A gorgeous look starts with a good base. And a good quality foundation is going to give you just that. Light coverage foundations are great in Summer time. But as we’re now in Autumn, our skin needs a little bit more coverage. So make sure to switch to a foundation that has a medium coverage finish to it. This will still give you that gorgeous glow that you want to achieve. But it will also help to even out your skin tone perfectly. 

If you prefer more of a full-coverage look and are going to a Wies’n during the day, you can still use a medium coverage foundation and build up the product slowly to achieve the coverage you want.

2. Apply concealer on dark circles and redness

The lighting can be quite dull in some of those beer tents. So if you haven’t had a good nights sleep, any dark circles you have will look even darker and unflattering under that lighting. To counteract this, make sure to apply a colour correcting concealer to this area.

It’s important to only apply a very small amount of the product and only apply it to the darkest part of your eye. There’s no need to apply it all around your eye like they show you in many YouTube videos! For one thing, this means that you’re just wasting your lovely product on an area that doesn’t need it.  But it will also cause the product to settle into any fine lines or wrinkles and emphasise them even further. Not exactly the glowing look you’re going for! Less really is more when it comes to concealer.

If you have any redness on your skin, be sure to also apply a colour correcting concealer to counteract the redness. You can apply it with your fingers or blend it with a damp sponge to really work the product into the skin for a natural, seamless finish. And again, only apply it to the areas that need it. 

I absolutely love these fabulous organic concealers by Hynt Beauty. You need only to apply the smallest amount of them and they neutralise dark circles really well.

3. Apply blusher for a gorgeous, youthful glow

This is my favourite part of this look and it’s the product that’s really going to be the highlight of the entire look. Gorgeous, glowing cheeks will brighten up your entire complexion and will give you a gorgeous, youthful glow to your skin. A cream blush, in particular, is perfect for this. Apply it using your ring finger to the apples of your cheeks and towards your ear. Make sure to blend it well so as not to leave any harsh lines.

A cream blush, in particular, is perfect for this. Apply it using your ring finger to the apples of your cheeks and towards your ear. Make sure to blend it well so as not to leave any harsh lines. Cream blushes are great for dry skin in particular. I’m a big fan of those beautiful cream blushes by the organic German brand Nui Cosmetics. They give a beautiful glow to the skin. Not only that, they’re also multitasking as you can use them as a cream eyeshadow and a lipstick too. These are also vegan-friendly. 

If you have oily skin, a powder blush is a great choice for you. Make sure to use a matte blush as these are much more flattering and give a more natural look than blushes that contain a lot of shimmer to them. Apply using a blush brush, preferably an angled one, as this makes it a lot easier to apply the blush. These 100% natural blushes by Couleur Caramel are perfect for the job. The shades are so pretty and very flattering. Just make sure to stick to the matte shades. 

4. Choose a medium to darker shade of lipstick

I know you may be tempted to stick to your usual nude shade of lip colour. But as I mentioned, the lighting can be quite dark and unflattering in those beer tents. And if you’re wearing a nude shade of lipstick, not only is not going to be seen, but it can also make your face look a little washed out.

If you don’t want to stray too far from a nude shade, go for a medium shade of lipstick instead. This will still give you quite a natural look if that’s what you’re aiming for. But it will brighten and flatter your complexion a whole lot more. 

If you’re not afraid to experiment or if you’re going to the Wies’n in the evening, a red lipstick is always a beautiful choice. And it’s a shade that looks gorgeous with any dirndl and on any complexion. For a beautiful, elegant look, keep your eye makeup quite neutral so as to focus the attention on your lips only.

If you have a cool undertone to your skin, this stunning blue based red lipstick is a great choice for you. Or try this red lipstick instead that has a neutral undertone to it, so it’s suitable for most complexions. 

5. A finishing powder

No look is complete without a finishing powder. And it’s an absolute must if you want your makeup to last the entire day. It will also save you from having to reapply your makeup. In fact, you shouldn’t ever need to reapply your makeup at all. If you’re using good quality products and apply small amounts of it (remember, less is more!), it should still look great at the end of the day. The only products that should ever really need to touch-up are lip colours. Or possibly add a coat of mascara if you’d like to add a more drama to your look.

Applying a finishing powder to your t-zone area will help to set your makeup and keep it looking great all day long. If you have oily skin, a finishing powder is a must for you in a particular. Again, less is more. So only apply a small dusting of powder to your t-zone area to keep everything looking glowing and flawless.

One of my go-to finishing powders every day is the Realist X Finishing Powder by the lovely vegan and organic brand W3ll People. What I love about it is that it not only counteracts shine and sets my makeup, but it’s very lightweight too. So it still leaves a gorgeous natural look to the skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope you found the tips helpful. Whether you’re going to this years Wies’n or not, you can still incorporate these tips and products into your everyday routine to achieve a gorgeous, natural glow to your skin. And if you are going to the Wies’n, have lots of fun. xo

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