Wanna Grab a Healthy Bite in the City? Just Ask an Holistic Nutritionist

By Monika Bock

Munich has many great restaurants and cafés and new ones seem to be popping up daily.
Eating healthy doesn’t need to be hard and most restaurants will work with you if you have allergies. Ask for the “Allergen Karte” (allergy menu) – most restaurants have one.

No matter what your diet, you will most likely find something on this list that appeals to you. I had to keep this list to 10 (because it could easily go to 100) and the following are listed in no particular order. Each neighborhood in Munich has something special, and if you haven’t been to a particular neighborhood in a while, find a café and make it a destination for an afternoon. Go wander, have a bite and take in the sights and sounds.

1) Farmer’s Markets …

In Munich happen almost everyday somewhere in the city. Have you​ been? No matter where you go you can find seasonal produce and more from local farmers around Munich. Try a new vegetable that you’ve never heard of or get some of your summertime favorites!

Buddha Bowls are all the rage and I for one am a big fan of having delicious foods put together to create different tastes and textures within. Most bowls are a mix of macronutrients so you get them all in a one-two-three punch. Here are two that have recently caught my eye and my tastebuds.

2) ​Katopazzo …

Is​ on Amalienstrasse near the Universität U3/6 Ubahn stop is a great spot for dinner. Lively restaurant with delicious bowls and sourced from sustainable and organic farms.

3) Bowls & Blenders ​…

​Is a relatively new café in Maxvorstadt near Königsplatz and the Lenbachhaus Museum on Augustenstrasse. Busy during lunch hours, they prepare the bowls fresh and also have a selection of fresh food smoothies if you are in a rush.

4) ​Cafe Hüller …

Is in the Au neighborhood directly across from the river (which lends itself nicely to a pre or post lunch walk) on Eduard-Schmid-Straße, has a daily changing menu that is written​ on the green chalkboard inside. Their lunch plates are delicious and always leave me guessing at the ingredients and spices. There is a sweet potato dish I had once, that I am still trying to recreate.

5 ) Frida ​…

Is hidden on a small one way street next to the TU (Technical University) in Maxvorstadt on Steinheilstrasse. It’s a popular neighborhood haunt and if you go early enough you don’t need a reservation. They boast a changing weekly menu, yummy hummus, delicious salads as well as tasty burgers.

6) Der Laden …

​Is in Maxvorstadt, a small cozy little cafe on the Türkenstrasse across from the smoothie shop Super, Danke!. It has the usual menu of easy breakfast and lunch fare but also has vegan and vegetarian options and a changing menu. If you are on the run and don’t have time to sit they do take-out for a 15% discount.

7) Farmer & Lou ​…

Is a relatively new cafe in Haidhausen on the Breisacherstr. Delicious seasonal​ daily specials and coffee along with other tasty treats. Allergy friendly- make sure to talk to the server or ask at the counter.

8) Super, Danke! …

​Is a smoothie bar with two locations. The first one is on Türkenstrasse and the second is small window on Fraunhoferstrasse. A great place to stop in when you are needing a pick me up and you don’t have the time to sit to enjoy. Everything from the Raspberry Boost, Green Machine or the Super Danke are full of fruity goodness and you can always add some super food boosts of your choice.

9) ​IUNU Café … ​

Is a small café in Haidhausen, almost a bit hidden if you’re not looking for it. Serving up daily vegetarian (& vegan) specialties and serving up delicious emilio Munich espresso. Worth the wander down Wörthstrasse.

10) Your kitchen! …

Although there are spots all over the city where you can grab a pick me up fuel or snack, but when you know you are going to be on the go all day or part of the day another way to ensure that your energy stays up is to take something with you. This can take the form of cut up carrots, cucumber, or celery. A handful of nuts in a bag or container (a good idea to measure out nuts in a serving size or two so you aren’t tempted to eat a whole bag), a piece of fruit, or a few dates.


Monika Bock is a holistic nutritionist based in Munich, she is the owner of Nourish-Alō Holistic​.
Nutrition and whose motto is Nourish/Thrive/Sustain. Monika works with a diverse clientele with various health concerns and goals making changes that are both positive and sustainable over time. She has always been a fan of easy one pot meals (aka Buddha bowls) – easy clean up and all whole food goodness in one place. Acknowledging that Every BODY is different and people have individual needs, she addresses these needs through a whole food nutrition program and lifestyle change approach.

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