Wanna get out of this town? – Places to visit on the outskirts

By Pia Johansson

Want to do something else? But not too far away? Here are some examples for places to go for a day out – but still almost in beloved Munich.


It’s located in Wolfrathausen next to Starnberger See and it is a fairytale themed parked aimed mostly at the little ones. And it is really wonderful. Trains, bunnies and pigs (mechanical ones) to ride on and its all included in the entry price so they can go again and again. Lots of playgrounds and swings. My daughter really loved this place. Since she is only two we went on all the rides with her, which was fun, no spinning saucers quite yet. The park is not that big but big enough I would say. We spent about 3 hours there but one could spend more. If you have older kids there are also rides especially for them and I imagine the whole family would have a nice time there.
Food was pretty poor tough, mostly sausage, schnitzel and leberkäse (not even chicken which is generally my go to for places like this) with pommes. Some cakes but very little in terms of sandwiches and salads. I would recommend eating in the picnic area instead and buy ice cream on site. We will go back again before the end of summer!


Poing Wildpark

A lovely wildlife park located just outside of Poing. One can theoretically get here by public transport but it is pretty far from the station.
Here one can feed free range deer and goats in the forest part which leads up to a big lawn with lots and lots of picnic tables surrounded by playgrounds! Some with water features. Then there is a separate loop with bears, horses and birds. They also do birds of prey shows. Lots of goats, pigs and ducks to pet and/or feed. It’s all really nice, lots of animals that are happy to be fed but can easily find a place to hide if they don’t.
There is a kiosk that sells sausages, sandwiches, ice cream and drinks. And a bit of a wine bar surprisingly enough. But, I recommend brining food and eat at the giant picnic grounds and supplementing with drinks and ice cream.


Vaterstetten Reitshule

This is mostly a Restaurant, with very nice food, but with added entertainment. They have horses and donkeys outback. Like really awesome, absolutely huge donkeys! And on some days they have pony riding (it is also a functional riding school). They also have additional events on site such as a Farmers Market on certain Fridays (this is quite small and not worth travelling for, but as an added bonus its quite nice) and special events like the upcoming Medieval Market (Mittelaltermarkt). They also have a playground although it’s not super exciting.
So this is not a full day out but rather a something to do and we get nice food type of outing! And our daughter really, really likes animals.


Kugler Alm

A pretty big shady beer garden on the outskirts of Perlacher Forst and allegedly the birthplace of the Radler. Now, don’t get me wrong, it´s just a beer garden. But a nice one. I recommend biking here as a day out (or biking/walking from Deisenhofen station, 30 minute walk). There is a nice big playground, nice food with quite a lot of salads and brotzeit available and it is always possible to find a table even on busy days. And very good ribs! And they have Pony Riding and special Kid Alm days as well. All in all very nice and relaxing. Munich Style.

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