A Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Jordan Sapir

As, we sit and soak in the summer sun — oh wait, I forgot, we live in Munich. We think about the total of warm summer days this year and round that off to a grand total of 12, but who’s counting.

This summer’s weather may not have you pulling out your straw hats and flipflops, but that doesn’t stop the city from being full of activities and adventure.

This month Über Moms are celebrating all the reasons they have to fall in love with Munich. After all is said and done this city does have much more to offer than not so fab weather, pretzels and Oktoberfest.

Join us for the months of August and September as we give you the 30 reasons why we love Munich.

In this month’s newsletter, Monika Bock, gives us an insiders guide on healthy spots to grab a bite​ in the city.  Life coach and essential oil guru Julie Leonard gives us the reasons she fell in love with Munich. Über working mom Georgia Chapman makes it easy for us to find water play playgrounds with her list of the top water playgrounds in the city. Our beauty expert and local makeup artist, Noleen Sliney, gives us her expert tips on 6 beauty stores to try in Munich.

We’re also so lucky to have some insight from our local mom and scientist Pia Johansson who’s contributing while on maternity leave. Pia tells us all about all the lovely places to visit on the outskirts of Munich. Lastly, working mom lawyer and political advocate Yasmin Mang fills us in on where to get some down time in this city.

We hope that we can show you just how great this city is, remind you of why you came here and give you some new reasons to stay, because we are all Über the Moon für Munich.

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