10 Ways To Fall In Love With Munich

By Julie Leonard

It is 5 years since my first visit to Munich and 3 years since I moved here for love. I really liked Munich from the first time I arrived by train from Vienna in to Hauptbahnhof. However, as you well know, visiting for a weekend and uprooting your life and moving here permanently are quite different experiences.

Whatever the reasons are that brought you here, perhaps like me you often feel that there are times when Munich feels very different for home and that day to day life isn’t always easy. So let me share with you my 10 ways I fell in love with Munich.

1.Take A Free Tour- Sign up for one of the free walking tours of Munich and learn more about its history and its main sites. I really like Sandeman’s free tours.

2.Meet Other Expats- Finding other people in the same situation, finding your tribe or just making some friends in a new city is essential for your happiness and integrating into a new place. I really found Internations and Meetup.
a huge help in making friends, developing a social life and finding my way around Munich. And then as life changed and I became a mum, then finding my mommy tribe and Über Moms made a huge difference.

3.Get Outdoors!- One of the best things about Munich is that you have everything a city can offer and then in an hour or two you can be in a beautiful park, in the mountains or by a lake. Whatever your fitness, level of enthusiasm for sports or love of the seasons there is something for everyone and experiencing the natural beauty of Munich and Bavaria will definitely help you fall in love with the city. Want to try something but not sure where to start? Fellow Über Moms Contributor Ceri Temple can sort you out. With her Hike Fit Club and Ski Fit Club she will have you fit and healthy and exploring the great outdoors in no time.

4.On Your Bike!- With it’s separate cycle lanes and flat terrain, getting on your bike is a fab way to get exercise, fit in like a local and get around the city. It’s so easy to pick up a new or second hand bike. But if you don’t have one just yet, then get the MVG app and rent one any time anywhere.

5.Learn The language- Munich offers tons of language courses to suit everyone’s needs. For me, learning a little of the language when I arrived gave me structure to my day, helped me make friends and made life a little easier and not so difficult.

6.Pursue Your Hobbies- There is no need to stop doing the things you enjoy. 26% of Munich are Expats meaning there are lots of people offering courses, workshops, clubs and groups in English (and in many other languages) all around Munich. You are bound to find others who love knitting, baking, photography, martial arts, or whatever makes you happy. And of course you can always try something new – biking, hiking, nordic pole walking …

7.Go To Your Local Beer Gardens- these aren’t just for beer lovers. Munich Beer Gardens are little local communities where locals and expats mingle and where families are welcome. And you can bring your own picnics too. Many also have play areas and lots of shade during the hot summer.

8.Travel- Munich is in the centre of Europe meaning it is cheap and easy to explore so many countries all around. In a few hours by car you can be in Croatia, 4 hours and only 19euros will take you to Prague by bus and a one hour flight will have you eating pizza for lunch in Rome.

9.Buy A Dirndl and Feel Fabulous- You will have noticed that locals here don’t keep their traditional dress just for festivals, it’s a common look all year round. And there are so many beautiful dirndls to choose from, its worth investing in an outfit for Oktoberfest, the Kocherball and any time in between. With Oktoberfest only a few weeks away, now is the time to choose a colour and style you like and makes you feel fabulous. I love mine. I would also highly recommend fellow Über Moms Writer, Noleen Sliney’s upcoming Wiesn Hair Braiding Workshop to perfect the techniques and some beautiful accessories from fellow Über Mom Vivian Shorrt.I love my Swarovski choker and bracelet designed by Vivian.

10.Explore the Christmas Markets- It may get very cold and dark in Munich but by the end of November the Christmas Markets bring a warm glow with festive cheer, traditional gifts, lots of food and of course glühwein. More info here http://www.muenchen.de/int/en/events/christmas-market.html Just be careful not to bump in to Krampus!!!!!


Julie Leonard is from Scotland and is a Life Coach, Seminar Facilitator and Aromatherapist. Her passion is happiness and supporting women to make positive changes to their lives and to live to their potential. Über Moms enjoy a 10% discount on all Coaching sessions. www.potentiacentre.com

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