Letter from the Editor

Viva la Sol…

A Note from the Editor
By: Jordan Sapir

Letter from the Editor

After a long dark tumultuous winter families all over Germany are heading for the local watering hole. The beer gardens are lively and the summer sun has risen. Munich is such a wonderful place to be in the summer.  The whole city is full of activities and fun.  There is nothing better than a picnic in the English Garden or a dip in the Isar, but with summer comes new dangers. Our Über Moms Newsletter Team doesn’t want to stop you from having summer fun, but we do want you to think of your family’s safety first.

For this month’s newsletter our Essential Oils goddess and life coach Julie Leonard, gives us natures cure to summer safety. From ticks to sunburn, Julie has your natural first aid kit.  Monika Bock, nutritionist, knows just how long your food is safe in the summer sun and what you should bring to pot luck without stressing out about food going bad.

Doula Carolyn Hecken, has great tips to make sure your baby stays cool in the stroller, crib and beyond. You’re in luck if you find it difficult to choose a sun cream, Noleen Sliney, our beauty expert and makeup artist will help us choose sun protection products.

Marisa Nillpraphan Murphy gives us her hilariously touching account of traveling with 2 under 3.

Lastly, Ceri Temple of Girls 2 Ski lends her expertise with an Über Moms Guide to Summer Hiking.

Come on in the water it’s nice and cool, summer is here and it’s time to enjoy with your friends and family.

Viva la sol
Regards your Editor
Jordan Sapir

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