Why Self-Care Can Make Us Better Moms

By Julie Leonard

Taking Care of myself doesn't mean 'me first'. It means 'Me too'. L.R.KnostAs an Expat mum without family support, making time for me is extremely difficult but I’ve also learned that it is essential if I want to be the best mum I can be.

When my self care lapses, I find I am not so mentally and physically healthy. I feel run down and get sick more often. I don’t eat so well and my sleep is poor. Most of all, I am much less patient, easily irritated, more emotional and sensitive, feel more overwhelmed and become more forgetful and distracted. Sound familiar? Left unchecked this can lead to burnout, stress, anxiety and depression.

You know when you are on an airplane and they are going through the safety demonstration and they tell you to apply your own oxygen mask before helping others? Well that is exactly the same principle for making time for your self care. In fact I would say it’s a priority.


'Self Care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel'. Eleanor Brown


Need some inspiration? Here are 10 suggestions for self care:

1.Prioritize You! As women we often put our needs last or feel guilty when we take time for ourselves. Know that self care is important and put it in your calendar and make plans. I now go for a monthly spa day which leaves me relaxed, refreshed and energised.

2.Take a Course. Continually learning something new has been proven to increase our levels of happiness. Whether it is  a workshop on a topic of interest, a course or studies for a qualification or simply learning  a new craft or hobby, making time for  learning nourishes your mind.

3.Prioritise Sleep. Like many of you, I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in years. When you can, prioritise sleep and get to bed.

4.Have a Regular Date Night. Book the babysitter, wear something nice and spend time as a couple.

5.Set Goals. Having a clear plan of what you want in life will prevent you from feeling stuck and will make you feel more fulfilled and happy. Don’t know where to start? Book a  Life Coaching session or sign up for my next Goal Setting Workshop https://goo.gl/wP6OHv

6.Let Go of Perfect. There is so much pressure (often from ourselves) to be superwomen and supermoms. Let go of that and any guilt you have and enjoy this time.

7.Use Your Nice Stuff! I know so many women who have dozens of bottles of nice perfumes and lotions that they never use. Use them! Pamper yourself and smell beautiful. And Über Moms Make-Up Artist Noleen Sliney will tell you that all that stuff you are keeping quickly goes out of date. So enjoy them and feel good.

8.And As Noleen Tells Us, Enhance Your Natural Beauty. Wear a flick of mascara, or a little lipstick to instantly feel better. Not sure what to wear or how to apply it? Sign up for one of Noleen’s upcoming workshops or a coaching session. She will make you feel fabulous. http://noleensliney.com/

9.Breathe. If making time for  a morning meditation is taking it a step to far right now, then simply taking a moment to pause and breathe during a busy day is instantly calming. Stop. Take 3 deep breaths. Then continue to breathe deeply and calmly.

10.Exercise. Here at  Über Moms we know how important it is to be fit and healthy. Find a gym with a creche, go out for  a walk, try an Über Moms class, sign up for one of the many Über Moms running events or simply put on your favourite tunes and dance around your apartment.

Taking care of ourselves gives us the resources and energy to be the best women, mothers, partners, sisters, friends and colleagues we can be. So start prioritising today!


Julie Leonard is a Life Coach and Aromatherapist. Find out more at http://www.potentiacentre.com/

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