Letter from the Editor

Loving Your Family Means Loving Yourself: A Note from the Editor

By Jordan Sapir

Let this month’s newsletter be your guide to self-care.

Before continuing, ask yourself one question — If you’re busy taking care of everyone else, then who is taking care of you? If the answer is a delayed response riddled with, uhms, ehrms and wells, it looks like you need a little Self-Care 101 hosted by your local Über Moms.

Sleepless nights, taxi service, melt-downs and refereeing are encountered by all mothers. Single mothers, working mothers there are no exceptions to the depths a mother will go through to assure her family is healthy and happy.  In our attempt to protect and serve the herd, we often forget to nourish the very being that is detrimental to the survival of the pack.

Flight instructions detail the importance of putting on your oxygen mask before your child’s, “In case of a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks above your seat will deploy, please place the mask first and then assist your child or other passengers.”

If you are overwhelmed, emotionally unstable, fatigued and undernourished how do you expect yourself to look after the beings which you’ve created?

There is somewhat of a taboo surrounded around self-care and motherhood.

“You’re selfish if you need a break.”

“Why did you have kids if you want to focus on yourself.”

“Your life belongs to your family.”

This month we’re debunking the myth of the self-less mother and addressing just how important it is to put your mask on first.

Happy healthy mommy equals a happy healthy family.



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