The Sacral Chakra


By Georgia Chapman

Sanskrit name: Svadhishthana
Colour: Orange, amber, gold
Crystals: Carnelian, amber, citrine, jasper
Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the belly button
Emotional: Sexuality, pleasure, desire.
Physical imbalances: Sexual issues, reproductive problems and addiction, trust, creativity and empowerment


This chakra leads from the root chakra, and builds on those elements. The root chakra is all about security and the grounding foundation to life (see article about the root chakra). If the foundations of security have not been laid out at the root stage, then this can cause the sacral chakra to have imbalances and blockages. Feeling the sense of security from a young age is important for building the trust and ability to form mature relationships. If we cannot trust those around us when we are small, we won’t be able to trust anyone when we are older.

One key element of this chakra is sexuality. Whereas the root chakra was very functional, the sacral chakra embodies more of the emotional and creative aspects of life, especially sex and sexuality. In the modern world it enables us to gain a sense of who we are and what we are in terms of our sexuality. It empowers us to feel confident in who we are.

Creativity is also heavily connected to the sacral chakra. People who are deemed creative are also often seen as deviant or badly behaved as children. We are expected to adapt and conform to ‘the norm’ in society as well as school, and our creativity can be stifled. Allowing children to run free and use their imaginations to create helps strengthen this chakra.

This also includes empowerment. If we feel so constricted that we can’t even move (metaphorically), it can stifle our feeling of empowerment, as well as creativity. This in turn can affect how we behave towards others, in relationships or socially.

If our sacral chakra is open then we feel a sense of freedom, able to speak and create freely, and accepting of our choices, especially our sexuality and sense of relationships.

The developmental age can be as early at 3 and as late as 8 years old. Some children don’t spend long in the development of this chakra. Children at this age need freedom to explore, to roam and figure out their own boundaries. If they are constantly told No and not allowed to make their own choices (and mistakes), this can affect their confidence and ability to regulate their boundaries. They also discover their senses more at this stage, be it food, colours, smells, fashion, likes and dislikes.

We as adults of course need to enforce some boundaries, but as guidance. It is essential to allow them the freedom to discover themselves at this point. If they feel safe and protected yet also free, this will be reflected in a healthy sacral chakra when they are adults.

But like the others, if the sacral chakra is blocked, this will hinder the next chakra, the solar plexus, to be open and to be able to function properly.

If this chakra is blocked, we feel disempowered and have a lack of control over our lives. This can come out as many different behaviours, one being promiscuity or the inability to commit to relationships and friendships. If you have a friend who is constantly letting you down at the last minute, they may need to do some work on their sacral chakra. The lack of confidence in oneself can create a feeling of worthlessness as well as disempowerment, which in turn becomes non-committal behaviour – in relationships, in social circles and also in work.

The crystals amber, jasper and citrine are good for healing. Any colours with an orange hue are helpful in healing this chakra. Orange is also a very warm and loving colour that can help in feeling more secure.


A summary how to balance a blocked sacral chakra:

  1. Meditate on the colour orange. Closer you eyes and imagine a bright orange glow entering your body and staying in the lower abdomen area. This warming, soothing light can help heal this chakra. This can also work with crystals of the same colour (see above).
  2. Do hip-opening yoga postures:
  3. As this is the chakra of senses, smell is also a great way for healing. Amber is a good oil to use in an oil burner for warmth and empowerment.
  4. Let go. This is easier said than done, but letting go of what hurts us can help heal this chakra. Our emotions get to tied up in matters we cannot change, and learning to trust our intuition can go a long way.
  5. Be creative. Do some drawing, dance like no one’s watching, join a choir. Anything that lets you be creative and be yourself.




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