Letter from the Editor

By Jordan Sapir

Happy Mother’s Day my fearless warriors.

My brave-hearted, patient, caring, resilient loving creatures. You grew your seeds, watered them, gave them light, now you deserve to watch them grow and flourish. We appreciate you for all that you do, say and give. If no one has told you today you are amazing–you are.

To all of you single moms, you are super hero worthy–you are idols. To all of those moms who have lost their moms–you are in our hearts. To all of those moms who have lost a child/children–we embrace you. To all the moms who wake up and put the first foot on the ground every morning to commit self-less acts of love–we salute you. It takes endurance, strength and perseverance but every day you wake up and water your flowers and you deserve a thank you–an I love you, a flower, a gift. You deserve a day to call your own.

Happy Mothers Day my lovely Über Moms. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for venturing out on this beautiful journey of motherhood with me and sharing your stories.

Thank you for being you.

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