Letter from the editor – May 2017

By Jordan Sapir

This month Über Moms are going green in honor of International Earth Day. To celebrate we’re in the midst of a 30 Day Eco-friendly challenge that will end with an Earth Day event for the kids.

It’s so important to teach children how the environment works and the consequences that come with mistreating nature. Less not forget just how important it is for us as mothers to remember the changes we need to make in our daily routine to help Mother Earth.

Staying environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be time consuming. Join us this month as corporate lawyer and Über Mom Yasmin Mang suggests how to stay politically active abroad by voting and petitioning for environmental protection and other issues.

Julie Leonard, life coach and owner of Potentia gives us 6 tips of how to green declutter.

Makeup Artist Noleen wrote an insightful beginners guide to making the switch to natural & organic products.

Über Mom Marisa Nillpraphan gives us tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint, while Monika Bock, holistic nutritionist, wants us to eat our greens.

Finally, I Interview German Green Fashion Designer Anne Gorke and address the politics of fashion versus the environment.

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