Letter from the Editor

By Jordan Sapir

As rewarding and wonderful as being a mother is, often times motherhood can feel like a bit of a hurdle. It’s challenging to prioritize yourself when you feel like there is just no time left to distribute to achieving your goals.

It doesn’t have to feel like you’ve put your life on hold to raise your children. Use this opportunity to learn, love and grow.  Just like your children.

Every month we discuss a topic. This month is spring and next will be about the planet. I was sitting with my daughter and explaining how a flower grows. I was stopped dead in my tracks. “So, what does a seed need to grow?” “Water, sun and love.” “That’s right.” So does mommy. We need to nurture ourselves, plant our seeds and grow. The continuance of education, experience and challenging oneself can help gain a sense of fulfilment.Take an opportunity this Spring to “Spring Forward.” Plan, set goals, grow and nurture yourself as a woman and mother.

Join us this month as we discuss conflict resolution with our Life Coach Julie Leonard. Learn 2 quick and easy steps to Spring-Ready Skin from Noleen Sliney and how to fight colds with food from holistic nutritionist Monika Bock . Hear about educating your family about technology from Google Engineer Damon Kohler. Find your Root Chakra with Georgia Chapman. Carolyn Hecken reports from her postpartum haven to tell us to stop worrying and start accepting help.


“Ancora Impara” (Still I am Learning) Michael Angelo

Happy Spring Moms. I hope this season will inspire you to bloom to your fullest potential.

Jordan Sapir

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