The main reasons why your eyes look tired & 7 simple ways to remedy this

The eyes are the window to the soul. So the saying goes. And they’re definitely the place where things are first visible. For example, our eyes are the first place where the signs of aging begin to show. They’re also the first place where the signs of tiredness are visible. The skin around our eyes is so delicate. Yet so often, our eyes are the one area of our skin that tends to get neglected the most.

But we’re going to change all that. I’ve got 7 super simple tips that you can easily start to incorporate into your skincare routine so that you can take care of your beautiful peepers. And with a little TLC, you’ll start to notice a difference in no time. Let’s get started.

1. Always use your ring finger when applying products to the eye
As I mentioned already, the skin around the eye area is extremely delicate. In fact, the skin here is the thinnest of the entire face. So with this mind, it’s important not to put too much pressure on this area. The ring finger is the finger that has the lightest touch. Therefore, ensuring you don’t apply too much pressure. If you’re unsure, the ring finger is the finger right beside your little finger. When applying products, don’t press too hard and don’t swipe or rub the product onto the skin. Instead, use a very light tapping motion to gently apply and blend the product.

2. Only apply concealer where needed
The main reason most of us apply concealer, is to neutralise dark eye circles and give a fresh, wide awake look to our entire face. However, if you sometimes think that you look even more tired after applying concealer, it’s most likely because you’re doing one, or both, of the following.

Firstly, it could be that you’re using the wrong shade of concealer. If you apply a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone, all this is going to do is give a grey look to your eye area. Concealer is actually a colour corrector. So you need to use a concealer that is going to correct and neutralise the area that you’re trying to enhance. To correct dark eye circles, which are generally blue in colour, you’ll need to use a concealer that contains an orange undertone to it. I’ve explained this in greater detail in this blog post.

Secondly, you may be applying your concealer incorrectly. If you apply your concealer all the up to your lashline, this in fact, is going to cause the product to settle in any fine lines or wrinkles, emphasising them even further and causing your eyes to look even more tired.

When applying concealer, you literally only need to use the tiniest amount of product. And you only need to apply it to the darkest part of the eye. This is generally around the tear duct area and slightly down the nose area, stopping about half way around the eye socket.

Take a look at your eye area next time you apply your concealer. You’ll notice that it’s only dark in these areas. So there’s no need to apply concealer anywhere else. If you do, all you’re doing is wasting your product on an area that doesn’t need it. And you’re also dragging the eyes down by applying too much product to it. Less is most definitely more here!

3. Use an eye cream
The eye area needs hydration just as much as the rest of the skin on our face. So just as you use a moisturising cream for your face, it’s also important to use an eye cream. Quite often fine lines are caused by a lack of hydration. This can be caused by things such as not drinking enough water and environmental factors.

As the skin around the eye area is so delicate, signs of dehydration will first be visible here in the form of fine lines. People often mistake fine lines for wrinkles, when in fact, these are just the signs of a lack of hydration. Introducing an eye cream into your skincare routine will really help with this.

Be sure to use a separate eye cream that is specifically for the eye area. Your normal facial moisturiser will not work here. The reason is that facial moisturisers are way too heavy for the delicate eye area. Eye creams are a lot lighter and gentler in texture.

Apply twice daily, morning and evening. Ensure your face is clean and apply either before or after your moisturiser. As per tip 1 above, always use your ring finger to apply. Only apply around the darkest part of the eye and around the eye socket. Just like concealer, you do not need to apply eye cream all the way up to the lashline. If you do, this will only cause even more fine lines and will make your eyes look more puffy and tired.

4. Don’t pull or tug at your eyes
When removing makeup, especially eye makeup, be sure to treat your skin very gently. Pulling or tugging roughly on the skin around your eyes is just going to cause even more issues such as redness. It will also emphasise fine lines and wrinkles even further. And it can cause the eyes to look puffy and swollen too.

Use gentle patting or tapping motions to apply products and gentle swiping motions to remove products.

5. Use a separate eye makeup remover
This is another common mistake that people often make. Just like a facial moisturiser is too heavy to use on the delicate eye area, so too are facial cleansers. Even if your cleanser states that it’s suitable for eye makeup removal too, just stick to using it for cleansing your face. Look for an eye makeup remover that doesn’t contain oil, as this can irritate the eyes and cause redness and stinging.

Place some of the eye makeup remover on a cotton pad, hold it over your eye for about 30 seconds, then gently swipe and remove your eye makeup. Repeat this until all your eye makeup has been removed. This may seem like it’s a longer process, but it’s actually a lot quicker. This method allows the eye makeup remover to soak into your eye makeup and will make removing it so much easier and quicker. And your eyes will thank you for it too.

6. How to remedy puffy or swollen eyes
Sometimes there are days when, no matter what you do, you still have puffy or swollen looking eyes. But I have a super quick and easy tip that will calm them down in seconds.

Run your hands under some cold water for a few seconds, or until they feel cold. Dry them slightly with a towel. Then whilst your hands are still cold, press your ring finger gently around the eye area. Do this for a few seconds. You’ll begin to notice the swelling subsiding after about 30-60 seconds. And the cold will make your eyes look and feel more awake. Alternatively, and if you can stand it, you could splash some cold water on your face immediately after cleansing and before applying your makeup. This will help the entire face to look and feel more refreshed in an instant.

7. Treat your eyes to some extra hydration
This is an oldie, but a goodie. And it works! Once or twice per week, give your eyes an extra little bit of TLC. And a super simple way to do this is to place 2 slices of cucumbers over your eyes. Then lie down and let them work their magic for approximately 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, simply remove them and then follow up with your eye cream.

Cucumber is made up of approximately 90% water. So that’s why placing them over your eyes is such a fantastic way to get an instant boost of hydration back into your eyes. Eating them is also pretty great for the skin in general too. And even better if your cucumber has been in the fridge for a while and is nice and cold. This will help with any swelling or redness around the eyes too.

Another great trick is to place cold tea bags over eyes. Make sure the tea bags have been used and then let them dry for a while. Then place over your eyes for about 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and follow-up with your eye cream.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Sometimes it’s just the little things that make all the difference. And if you’ve any questions at all, please let me know and I’d be delighted to help you.

Noleen Sliney is a Makeup Artist & Green Beauty Blogger who’s passionate about showing women how to enhance their natural beauty so that they’ll not only look fabulous but so they’ll also FEEL fabulous and full of self-confidence every single day. And how to easily make the switch to natural and organic beauty products. She doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to beauty. And in her virtual Personalised 1 to 1 Makeup Lessons, she helps her clients to find the exact products and techniques that are perfect for their face shape and skin type so that they never again have to waste money on products that aren’t suitable for them. You can find out more about Noleen and her work at

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