Letter from the Editor

By Jordan Sapir

The month of February is dedicated to love and affection,  The commercialized aspect of that notion is overshadowed with candy hearts, chocolates and flowers, but what remains when the day is done?

A big mess for mommy to clean up and hyper kids.  

So we made the month of February about learning to love ourselves. We used to know how to pamper ourselves.  We used to have hobbies and go to the spa. We used to have girls night out and set goals, big goals. We had big plans.  Now we’ve put a lot of those dreams on hold for our little stars.

Somewhere in the back of our heads filled with Post-it notes is a big pink reminder that reads, “F.L.Y.” (First Love Yourself). We need that occasional reminder, that if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of our children.  That is not just a superficial necessity, oh pedicure and manicures are on the bottom of the list.  What we mean is nurturing your mind body and soul.  Learning, growing, setting goals, and looking good whilst doing it. Not allowing others to judge you and standing up for your right to a break and understanding is also a major focus.

This month Yasmin Yang tells us how to re-invent a girls night out. Laura Kohler helps us get in touch with our hobbies, Georgia Chapman teaches us where are Chakras are and how to heal, while life coach Julie Leonard gives us the guide to becoming an entrepreneur.

I have a belief in the power of learning and Ancora Impora (Still I am learning). Each month I will provide a knowledge based article that relates to our community, nutrition, fitness and beauty.

Moms, we know just how much you love your children.  Now show us how you can love yourself..

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